Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

last updated:
Apr 21, 2020

Exercise equipment for seniors needs to follow a few simple rules. First of all, they need to be kind to tired joints. Avoiding high-impact devices are key to keeping pain at a minimum. Minimizing impact while still strengthening muscles and elevating heart rate is key. Machines such as ellipticals and bikes are great tools to achieve these goals.

Secondly, they need to provide excellent stability. As we age, we become a little less steady on our feet, and simple spills or tumbles have lasting and pervasive ramifications. Ensuring that the device has ample handlebars and supportive structures are key to keep you standing upright from start to finish.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of the best exercise equipment for seniors that is designed to minimize joint pain while building beneficial muscle mass, burning calories, and strengthening your heart.

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