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Best Pre-Workout Supplement Reviews

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PumpSurge, by the mighty Jacked Factory, is another nootropic supplement that contains no stimulants and promises “skin-tearing pumps” for dedicated users.

The product contains ergogenic boosters as one of its top ingredients. “Ergogenic” is an umbrella term that describes anything you can take or use that improves your performance or helps remove limits to performance. Ergogenics are not always chemical in nature; something as simple as an ankle brace is an ergogenic, because it removes or lessons the limitations caused by an injury.

The chemicals L-Citrulline, Taurine, and Betaine are all associated with increased nitric oxide, which causes better blood flow. This is the “pump” in the name-the pumped feeling you can get when you lift weights and blood rushes to your muscles. The augmented blood flow also delivers muscle-helping nutrients.

All these ingredients, and others, are clearly recognizable on PumpSurge’s packaging. This is good. Some supplements will use vague terminology like “proprietary blend” to mask their inferior or unproven benefits. With PumpSurge, you know what you are getting at all times and can research each ingredient if your so desire.

Jacked Factory also offers a generous money back guarantee for PumpSurge. There are no fillers or dyes, and PumpSurge comes in a range of fruity flavors. We think this is a good choice for its reasonable price, as well as the reputation that Jacked Factory has as a supplement supplier.