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Best Treadmill for Small Spaces

best treadmill for small spaces
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From weight loss to memory boosting and from muscle activation to joint strength, an optimized walk or hop on a treadmill has unlimited benefits. The problem arises when you have to travel out of the comfort of your home every day because not everyone can have a gym at home with giant-size treadmills. With our list of best treadmill for small spaces, the problem is solved. You can create your own gym despite having compact spaces.  

This article begs you to read till the end to choose the best piece that suits your need!

1. RUNOW Folding Treadmill

This treadmill tops among the best treadmill for small spaces because of having a 2.5 horsepower permanent magnet direct current motor with a speed of 8.1 miles per hour. RUNOW makes running workable for everyone through three manual inclines and 300lbs weights.  A large LED display allows you to track your vital stats such as speed, distance, fats burn, time, and pulse. This incredible machine helps you jog, jump and walk logically as well as healthily with 36 pre-set workouts, 3 consumer workouts, and one manual program.


Dimensions: 60.4” x 26.6” x 55.9” (L x W x H)

Horsepower: 2.5

Display Type: LCD

Another tremendous feature of RUNOW portable treadmills is the shock absorption system which means it will support your ankle and knees while you run on an extended and broader running belt with an area of 49.2” X 16.5” comfortably.

When you are tight on space, this folding treadmill offers you the comfort of easy assembly and usage. You need to spend about fifteen minutes only to finish the assembly. After having a great treadmill walk you can fold it and slide it anywhere in your room swiftly.

What’s more, the purpose of this excellent folding machine is to serve you with healthy daily exercise which does not merely lift your day instead it also adds a spark to your body and mind.


  • Thirty-six preset programs
  • Robust
  • Easily foldable

2. REDLIRO Foldable Treadmill

Up to the mark and advanced with an electric high-power motor, this machine crashes the record. Its ability to tolerate 240lbs user weight and adjustable speed, make it everyone’s favorite. With a three-level incline, it gives the freedom to set for a walk as per requirement. Tuned in with the latest technology it not only burns your calories and shed weight faster but also stimulates your cardiac activity by enhancing your capacity and health.

For increased joy and productivity, REDLIRO foldable treadmillis designed with twelve pre-installed workouts and manual modes. You can also use start and stop switches on the handrail according to your desire and comfort.


Dimensions: 51.2″D x 20.3″W x 45.9″H

Item Weight: 61 pounds

Material: Alloy steel

Speed: 7.5 MPH

Do you share apartments? Find it difficult to have a treadmill in your place? REDLIRO has taken the stress out of your problem.  Its lower than 60dB noise design makes it perfect for use in apartments. Moreover,PVC, fiber, and cotton-made running belt guarantee comfort and stability while hopping. It is shocking absorptive and produces less noise.

It allows easy assembly as several parts of the walking treadmill are organized so you can easily affix them by yourself within minutes. The machine comes with tool kits to help you check for regular maintenance. You can swiftly set the belt centralization silicon oil to lubricate the belt to make the walking treadmill effective in a long run. This foldable treadmill is a space-saver, you can easily squeeze it after use and move it to any compact space.

In addition, the movable treadmill is designed to extend your safety and protection through long curved handrails beside so you can hold on during running or walking on the belt. The safety tether key is aimed to protect you from secondary injury by instantly shutting off the treadmill in case you are uncertain about your stability while watching the TV screen when working out.  You can also reach the maximum levels for cardiovascular activity through heart rate sensors fixed in the armrests on both sides.


  • Infused with five films of shock absorption
  • Twelve pre-installed training workouts
  • Speakers are attached to display

3. Exerpeutic 100XL High Capacity Treadmill

It is a magnetic resistance manual treadmill with a heart pulse system that has undergone for trials to support 325lbs weight.  It means goal-oriented users of almost all ages can walk or run on it effortlessly.  You can run efficiently with its twin 6dm” flywheels. This feature makes it unique from other single-flywheel manual treadmills.

This incredible machine allows users to run consistently with a measurable heart pulse pad.


Dimensions: 50″ x 29″x 50″ ( D x W x H)

Item Weight: 73 pounds

Material: Carbon steel

Speed: Up to 1MPH

Exerpeutic 100XL high capacity treadmill is wider and extended as compared to its manual counterparts being sold in the market offering you extra cushion which electric treadmills can provide only. Its superiority hails from having additionally longer handles than the conventional equipment available. This way it guarantees your safety and keeps up the balance.  


  • Weight capacity is 350lbs
  • Impregnated with double extended 18” safety handles
  • The top, mid, and sides are equipped with multi-grip handrails


  • Expert assembly is required

4. Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Cadence Folding Treadmill

It’s an ideal piece for beginners and an inspiring treadmill for experts. Weslo Cadence G 5.9i folding machine is another best treadmill for small spaces. You can walk or jump on the running belt with a complimentary 30-Day iFIT Membership. You are able to get live and customized programs on your machine through workouts and studio classes worldwide. With a big LCD monitor, you don’t need to fret as you can check your vital stats such as time, pulse, distance, heart rate, etc. It has an outstanding feature of iFIT-enabled which allows you to adjust the equipment with help of expert coaches. 

Two-position inclining and 0-10 miles per hour QuickSpeed control property provide extra protection for your knees and ankles. You are secure while running on this treadmill as it is provided with a one-touch button to control your speed as you like.


Dimensions: 64.5″ x 29″x 55.5″ (D x W x H)

Item Weight: 118 pounds

Display Type: LCD

Number of programs: 6

16” x 50” running belt is gelled with Comfort Cell Softening technology. Its foldable space saver making not only helps you adjust to a tight room but also makes your running and walking smoother as well as auspicious.

It can support up to 275 Lb. weight and is layered with a 1-year motor and 90-day parts and labor warranty.  


  • Space-saving design allows easy collapse.
  • On-demand workout classes help you chase your goals confidently
  • Cutting-edge technology to provide support against  post-workout joint discomfort


  • Expert assembly is required

5. XTERRA Fitness Fitness Folding Treadmill Black       

While choosing the best treadmill for small spaces you can’t overlook the XTERRA fitness folding treadmill which is smoother and stronger with high torque 2.25 HP motor.

Its user-friendly bright blue backlit LCD display is 5.5” big showing your workout stats i.e., time, speed, pace, distance, calories, incline, and pulse with extra clarity and enjoyable vision.


Dimensions: 72.2″ x 54.1″ x 35″ ( D x W x H)

Material: Alloy steel

Speed: 10 Miles per Hour

Item Weight: 207.2 pounds


  • Gigantic backlit LCD monitor
  • 24 Pre-installed workouts
  • Cushioned deck and durable as well as foldable metal frame are provided


  • Expensive as compared to other compact treadmills available

Final Consideration

There are tons of folding treadmills in the market, and choosing the best piece for limited spaces is hard. However, RUNOW Folding Treadmill with incline for families & flats, electric running machine, and LCD monitor running walking jogging exercise fitness apparatus stands out loud from the crowd according to our recommendations when it comes to the best treadmill for small spaces.

What Properties to Look for in the Best Treadmills?

So, what makes a treadmill best for household use? The answer lies primarily in individual requirements. For example, if you want to save some extra coins, you will surely prefer a budget-friendly machine. Similarly, the treadmill’s abilities matter according to your agenda of either weight loss or staying fit. If you are a beginner, you might like a treadmill with a limited speed whereas if anyone of you is goal-runner then a treadmill with maximum will be the best piece for you.  Below is the breakdown of qualities and features (guide) for all animated buyers.

  1. Speed and Incline

For a stimulating walk, a hard workout is important without being too fast. It is extremely important to uplift your lower back. Walking speed on the treadmill usually start from a minimum of 4kph to about 7kph. Many individuals enjoy being in a bumping or running zone. Therefore, for frivolous users, 12kph is a good pace which is equal to five minutes per kilometer. For best outcomes, be mindful while buying a treadmill that you deem fits your requirements, capacity, and target. 

2.  Running Belt

Nobody can overshadow this feature as the running Mat is the most discussed part of the treadmill. The fact is that when you walk the step lengths are quite a bit smaller as compared to the running position, especially at high speeds and it is quite easy to walk in a straight line without going out of balance. Keeping this perspective in mind, there is some advice on belt sizes for different applications.

  • Walking – minimum 40cm x 120cm mat
  • Jogging – minimum 45cm x 130cm
  • Running – minimum 48cm x 140cm

3.  Expert Assembly  

For some, this might not be a big problem while for some it matters a lot. There are many treadmills out there that don’t need an expert assembly, instead, it offers easy opening and closing. However, you need to check before buying as most machines demand professional assembly and thus charge a bit extra.  So it is up to you because you might also be fine with treadmills that come without assembly and you like to do it yourself.


Is there any treadmill available for motivated users?

Among the five top foldable treadmills for compact spaces, Weslo Cadence G 5.9i cadence folding treadmill with swift opening and closing, Bluetooth, and thirty-day iFIT membership leaves everything behind. It gives you the liberty to tailor your training programs for desired muscle strength. Top-notch trainers help you achieve your target with efficacy.

What do we need to expect from a folding treadmill?

There are tons of perks you can have whilst buying a treadmill for limited space in an office or home. Many folding treadmills come with a hydraulic lift option allowing you the ease of opening and closing. Their shocking absorption system seamlessly protects your joints.  Monitoring your calories burned, time, distance, pulse, and speed is made easier and fun with compact foldable treadmills. Additionally, various safety features and easy access buttons help you run as well as walk without any stress preventing injuries and falls.

What should be the optimum temperature while running or walking on a treadmill?

An appropriate environment for household treadmills includes below 90% humidity and a 55˚F to 90˚F temperature range.

Do our home treadmills require consistent maintenance?

Any treadmill needs proper care and keep-up for constructive functioning in long run. Although many pieces come with a 1-year warranty, still you can walk or run on the treadmill for years by keeping maintenanceREDLIRO foldable treadmillcomes along with specializedtool kits for regular maintenance, easy-to-adjust belt centralization, or use silicon oil to lubricate the belt.