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App Control Ancheer Treadmill Review

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Summary: This Ancheer treadmill is not only cheaper than the equivalent spec models from other brands – it is Bluetooth connected too. You can use a G-Fit app to synch your runs with your phone, scanning a QR code to get started. There is incline (which is manual), the machine folds up between sessions too. At the time of writing there is a decent discount over at, and the feedback from previous buyers is all-positive. Check out the dedicated product page for an impressive gallery.

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Detailed Review of the Ancheer Treadmill with App Control

The first thing you’ll notice about this Ancheer treadmill model is that it is bigger than many of it’s peers (at least when not folded up). The running surface alone is 1230cm by 420cm. The console is also big, you can see a close up of the controls over on the amazon product page.

A benefit of this model is that it has been pre-assembled and folded when you receive it. There are no headaches that go with assembly. You do have a couple of screws to add. Previous buyers reported this is easy to do.

Ancheer use a Level 6 dampening system. This keeps the treadmill quiet. If you have ever run on a noisy budget treadmill model, you will know that this makes a big difference. The belt is ‘lawn texture’, adding to the knee and joint protection.

Space Saving

You’ll also see from the image gallery how much space you can save by folding the Ancheer treadmill up. Keep in mind this is a larger item. I’m estimating that when upright this is less than 1/3rd of the ‘in use’ running footprint (even when accounting for the small models they always show running on treadmills!). Incline is possible, this is manual. Having incline possible is a benefit, with only the commercial level machines having automatic, in-session, incline adjustment.

Electronics and Treadmill App Controls

There are 12 preset running patterns, you can also adjust manually as you go. You can reach a top speed of 14km / hour on Ancheer treadmill – which is plenty enough for most of us!

Besides the 5 inch screen, you’ll find hi-fi speakers, a jack plug connection and safety key. There are also heart rate sensors built in to some safety hand rails between the arms.

The big story with the electronics is that you can connect to a tracking app called ‘G-Fit’. This is available for both Android and Apple phones. You scan a QR code and approve the download. You can then connect wirelessly to your treadmill, and track your runs and fitness progress. This is a big plus. Some other treadmills have Polar compatibility, though you would need to have special sensors to make this work.

The Ancheer App Controlled Treadmill: What Previous Buyers Said

All positives on the Ancheer treadmill reviews at the time of writing. This is unusual! There are only 9 pieces of feedback, so time for things to even out a little. Everyone was happy with their purchase. There is also a common theme of being pleased with the treadmill for the price.

Judging by the comments, it seems the manufacturers promise that this is easy to put together does stand up… several people mentioned this as a positive.

Wrap Up / Next Steps

This is a high-tech treadmill at a mid-range price. While there are cheaper models out there, this one has a lot of features for the money. The padded running surface, incline (albeit manual) and fold-away capabilities are all plusses. When you add in the electronics, app compatibility and easy assembly – you’ll start to understand why the feedback has been so positive!

Check out the app control Ancheer treadmill reviews now on this dedicated product page.