Top Rated Suspension Trainers for Intense Home Workouts

The Ultimate Body Press system gives you a premium experience with Lay-Flat Handles, straps that are indexed and non-interference hardware layout. The compound exercises you can do will engage your core and help you build lean muscle fast. This is a set up you can use anywhere. It is easy to mount in a doorway or use trees and park structures. The straps also mount to pull up bars.

The Ultimate Body Press trainer is new to the market that has gained immediate popularity due to some innovative features. One of these is it lay flat handles that are more comfortable than you will find with mosts competitors. This also allows for a more secure grip.

The two suspension straps are independent and made of quality military webbing. The unique system allows for fast adjustment. It features a no-rub buckle placement system to keep them comfortable. The big difference with this system is that it is designed to follow the contours of your body and it works with your body weight.

The strap anchors at a single point so it works with also any anchor point including pull up bars, doorways, rafters, outdoor park structures, and even tree limbs. The ‘S’ hook lets you perform an extremely fast adjustment.

You get helpful support material along with this trainer, including an exercise guide that includes 26 fully illustrated movements and three sample workouts.

The Ultimate Body Press trainer has entered the market at an extremely competitive price point. This combined with the innovative features mentioned above and its overall performance quality was enough to propel it to the top of our list.

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