Top 9 Best Tactical Pens of 2020 – Reviews

Proudly made in the United States, the Gerber Impromptu is a great performance tactical pen featuring a rugged, machined steel construction. An integrated pocket steel of stainless steel helps you keep the pen securely and easily accessible at all times. Not only that but this ingenious pen also features an all-weather Rite-in-the-Rain ink cartridge, with a functional push-button system for deploying the ballpoint with ease. Furthermore, an integrated tempered steel glass breaker renders the pen handy for virtually any emergency survival situations.

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Tactical Pen Guide

Because you never know when you are going to need a little in the way of help, a tactical pen can save a life or just be seriously convenient. Depending on what you are looking for, the sky is the limit in terms of added functions. Tactical pens are generally made of tough stuff but to find one that is truly reliable, you need to know what to look for.

The following guide runs through everything you need to know about the market, what you should expect from the product as well as the better materials that are used.

What To Look For In A Tactical Pen


Because a tactical pen can often be designed to help you get out of a difficult situation, it needs to be durable. Some are made with tips that can help you break glass which means the pen itself needs to be sturdy. Most are made from quality steel or enhanced strength aluminum to make sure it won’t let you down when you need it most.

Self Defense

The tips at either end can be used in a desperate situation if an aggressor decides you are an easy victim. A tactical pen can be used as your defense against such attacks and will make their mark if the product is up to the task. The tip can be made from sturdy carbide to ensure its effectiveness in such a situation or any other durable material.


Not only can this help with the main function of a tactical pen, the writing, but the grip can help make sure it is accurate when used in defense. To improve the force and impact, a reliable grip is vital. Some tactical pens have grooves to make them easier to hold whilst others will have a grippy material on the body.


This also plays into the weight of the product as to make an impression, it needs to be made of thicker stuff than your regular pen. Although this won’t make it a whole lot bigger, a true tactical pen doesn’t need to be too big but should have some weight behind it.

Pen Point

This is where most of the action comes from, whether you are using it to take notes, or are holding it up your sleeve as you walk home in the dark. A tactical pen will have a point that is sturdy, sharp, and ready to go.


Some of the cheaper tactical pens look nothing like a pen which doesn’t do a lot to hide them. This might also make it difficult to get through at the airport. The better tactical pens will still look better built than a regular Bic or the like but will have the appearance of a pen to the untrained eye.

This might be what makes the difference as they can still be used to surprise an attacker. This is less important if you are just keeping the tactical pen in your car in case you need to break the glass. In such an event, it can look how it wants as it won’t negate how effective it is.

Ink Cartridges

Some tactical pens use common ink cartridges such as Parker pen cartridges. This will make it easier to refill them when the ink runs out but be wary as some brands are hard to find refills for. Some tactical pens are fine to use in rain and adverse weather but this might require a special type of cartridge to work.

Using A Tactical Pen To Collect DNA

This is one of the surprising uses of such a product that most people tend to overlook. When you have been the victim of an attack and have used your tactical pen in self denfence, you can take it to the authorities so they can collect the DNA of the attacker. It might be blood from the pointed end, or any other part, whatever it is, use it to your advantage before and after should you need to use it.

Where To Put A Tactical Pen

Because you don’t really want an attacker to see the pen, you should try and keep it in your pocket or within reach if you are walking home at night or entering an area that you are not so sure about.

Most pens in the niche come with a clip so you can store it in your shirt pocket or the like but this might alert the attacker to the pen. The best thing to do is to have it within your grasp, although just keeping it with you could be enough to keep you safe.

How Much Should A Tactical Pen Cost?

What price can you put on your safety? You don’t want to buy a sub-par safety device that is not going to help in a desperate situation. This also doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get your hands on one.

You need to consider what you intend to use it for and how often. If you want one primarily for the pen function, then find one that is easy to refill and durable enough to be used day in day out.

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