Top 9 Best CrossFit Shoes of 2020 – Reviews

Very popular among CrossFit enthusiasts, the Adidas Men’s Adipower stands out for all the right reasons. These shoes boast a weightlifting-specific design to offer an appropriate support under heavier loads. Not only that but their leather upper integrates a breathable mesh collar and tongue for comfort along with adjustable hook-n-loop instep straps across their laces for locking down your foot conveniently when you work out. Last but not least, the leather is PU-coated for support and durability, while a TPU midsole delivers ideal foothold. Also, they benefit from heel overlays for better stability and a non-slip quality rubber outsole for good measure.

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Crossfit Shoes Guide

Whether you are starting for the first time, or have been sweating in boxes around the world for a while now, a quality CrossFit shoe can make a huge difference to your WOD numbers. Because CrossFit is more than a trend and is certainly here to stay, there are loads of great options to choose from.

The problem is, there are so many it can be hard to tell which one is going to suit your needs. Everyone is different, and so are CrossFit shoes so to make sure you make a quality purchase that won’t let you down, the following guide is here to help.

What To Look For In CrossFit Shoes


Everyone knows that CrossFit is going to make you work up a sweat, if it doesn’t you haven’t done it right. The better quality products will be made with breathable meshing that allows your feet to stay cool and dry, even as the intensity increases. This means they stay in place without your feet slipping around.

A lot of CrossFit shoes will be made from moisture-wicking material. This is good because even though you might not take them outside a lot, it allows sweat to run off and not enter the shoe.

This will also affect how flexible the CrossFit shoes are. Because there will be a lot of changeable movements involved, you need to be sure the material on the upper has enough give and movement to keep you comfortable.


To stay light on your feet, you need your CrossFit shoes to be light. If you feel weighed down by the weight on your feet, it can cause you to become sluggish and you have no chance of beating your WOD time. When doing box jumps and other demanding routines, you need to be flexible and have a spring in your step, not have an anchor on your feet.


This can make a massive difference to your performance. Not only should you look for a CrossFit shoe with plenty of grip to stop you from slipping, but you also need an outsole that is going to protect the foot when you make sharp turns of fast movements. This also protects your foot from injuries and makes them feel more stable.

The greater the confidence you have in your CrossFit shoes, the better you can perform.


This is where you should get the right arch support to cope with the different demands that come with CrossFit. The high impact sets will put a strain on your CrossFit shoes so make sure it has quality padding in the right places.


Although performance comes first, you still want your CrossFit shoes to look good. After all, they are a reflection of you. Certain shoes help to make you feel good which can motivate you to improve. The good news is, most CrossFit shoes come in a variety of colors, and designs to help you match certain outfits, or find something neutral that you can wear all the time.


Even the more well-known shoe brands make specialist CrossFit shoes that can be worn with pride. They are often more durable than the cheap imitators but don’t go on this alone. Some brands are better than others which is why it is important to tick off all the qualities from our guide before buying.

Why Do I Need Crossfit Shoes?

Crossfit shoes are made a bit different to cope with the unique demands that you will put them through. You can’t just wear a normal pair of trainers and expect better results.

Crossfit shoes are universal in what they can support you through which is why they are often considered more durable. What else do you expect from a shoe that you will wear when lifting heavy weights, squatting, climbing, jumping and landing, and a lot more. They give you the right balance of support, traction, comfort, and balance that other trainers will not be able to provide.


CrossFit shoes are built to last but that is because they have to be. The more durable a CrossFit shoe it is, the chances are you will have more protection. Because you get the correct arch support, and in the heels and toes to meet the demands of different exercises such as heavy lifting, you need the protection only a CrossFit shoe can give you.


To improve your balance and posture, you need a shoe that is going to help you to keep everything in place. A CrossFit shoe will keep you stable when you need to concentrate on form and push through the tougher routines.


This whole guide has alluded to this throughout and without versatility, a CrossFit shoe wouldn’t be universal enough to be worn during any exercise. Because you will be changing between a variety of demanding sets, you need to know your shoes can cope with the transition. Whether you are going from a rope climb to box jumps, CrossFit shoes can cope.


Whilst regular trainers might be fine for certain exercises such as rowing, they might not be ideal for deadlifts or burpees. Because you don’t know what you are going to be doing when you step into the Box, you need to know your shoes won’t suffer as a result of the punishment.

Quality CrossFit shoes will be durable enough to last a long time, even when you have put them through the rigors of a tough WOD.

How To Make Crossfit Shoes Last

Because CrossFit shoes look sporty and will suit your outdoor wear, the temptation can be to wear them all the time. The problem with this is they will wear faster and you will have to reinvest in a new pair before too long.

Remember to wash them every so often and let them dry before using them again to protect them. Also, it’s never a bad idea to buy two pairs to extend the lifespan of both but it is still better to invest in one quality pair of CrossFit shoes, than two average products.

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