Top 8 Best Teeth Whitening Toothpastes of 2020 – Reviews

Highly popular for all the right reasons, the Sensodyne Pronamel is a great teeth whitening toothpaste created to offer protection to your teeth from acid erosion.

Besides offering many regular toothpaste benefits, it helps protect your enamel against further damage from dental-wasting foods. Its special optimized formula allows essential minerals such as calcium penetrate the enamel for stronger teeth, fighting cavities, and for providing a long-lasting fresh breath.

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Whitening Toothpaste Guide

Everyone wants pearly white teeth as first impressions can only be made once. Even for those who aren’t as conscious, it is still nice to know your teeth are healthy on the inside and look good on the outside.

Quality whitening toothpaste can make a huge difference to your life and when you find the right one, it feels great. There are so many on the market today that it can be hard to tell them apart. For many people, finding one that is as effective as the manufacturer says it is has become nearly impossible. that is why we have created this buyer’s guide to help clear up a few things so you can make an educated decision.

What To Look For In A Whitening Toothpaste


As with any oral care product, whitening toothpaste is only as good as its ingredients. Some are far better than others and there are even natural products out there. Here are some of the more common ingredients you can find on the box.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a common ingredient in a lot of oral hygiene and is essentially a bleaching agent but safe in small doses that you will get in whitening toothpaste. It helps to lift surface stains and even gets rid of bacteria. You often get more of it in specialist toothpaste such as those aimed at smokers or coffee drinkers.

Be mindful of how much you use as it can negatively impact the enamel on your teeth.


Another common ingredient that helps to keep your mouth clean, strengthening teeth and killing bacteria along the way. Anyone with sensitive might find it a little harsh but it is good for cavity protection.

Activated Charcoal

A favorite of many who prefer natural toothpaste as it can be used instead of some of the regular ingredients in whitening products. Activated charcoal doesn’t damage enamel but does help to remove plaque and get rid of bacteria whilst remaining fine for those with sensitive teeth.


This is often found in natural whitening toothpaste and can be used to thicken the texture in gels as well as whiten teeth. It is also used to remove plaque and is found in products tailored towards those with sensitive teeth and gums.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Stains

A good whitening toothpaste will be able to tackle both of these types of stains and essentially, extrinsic stains are those you can see on the outside, and intrinsic are stains occur within the teeth but can be seen outside. The better products will not be shy about telling you what they are capable of so if you can find one that tackles both types of stains then it is a good place to start.


Don’t be fooled by the marketing techniques – the results are what you need to pay attention to. There are some excellent whitening toothpaste’s on the market that doesn’t cost a lot considering how well they work. That being said, you want to find a product that has multiple purposes so as well as being good for lifting stains, you need your whitening toothpaste to be effective at cleaning your mouth and teeth and killing bacteria.

Anything that ticks all these boxes and doesn’t break the bank should be considered value for money.

How Fast Does Whitening Toothpaste Work?

Every product is going to tell you it makes you a few shades lighter within a week but this isn’t always the case. The general length of most whitening toothpaste for a noticeable difference is between two to six weeks so if you aren’t getting results after that time, you should look into changing your toothpaste.

Tips For Whitening Teeth

On top of quality whitening toothpaste, it is also important to remember the best way to brush. Many dentists say a good toothbrush is as important as the toothpaste you use and electric is preferable to a regular brush. The following tips will help you to use your whitening toothpaste to its full potential:

  • Brushing Time: It is recommended that you brush for at least two minutes at a time. Most people brush twice a day, in the morning and before bed but if you can brush after consuming sugary foods.
  • Don’t Brush Too Hard: When you press too hard, the bristles can scratch the enamel and even create small holes where food gets in and is hard to remove. Bacteria will love this so do what you can to prevent it and brush sensibly.
  • Use A Circular Motion: Brushing back and forth just isn’t as effective at cleaning teeth and lifting stains. If you want to change the shade of your teeth, use a circular motion.
  • Rinse: This will help to get rid of any bacteria or tiny food particles and leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

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