Top 6 Best Strapless Bras of 2020 – Reviews

There is perhaps no better strapless bra than Tidetell’s Self-Adhesive Strapless Bra, not just in terms of its stylish look but also for practical reasons. Enjoying some of the highest reviews out there, this bra attaches to your skin directly and is fully adjustable to position your breasts upwards as firmly as you wish. Most of all, this particular bra gives you the freedom to choose your cup size while also deciding whether to employ normal or double thickness options. Overall, it is also one of the toughest, most resilient strapless bras money can buy.

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A Guide To Strapless Bras

Strapless bras are a necessity for any woman who needs to wear a strapless gown or a sleeveless dress. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy for women to find one of these bras that does the job it’s supposed to do. Too many of these bras are either too clingy or are not supportive enough. And this has turned off some women to using these bras. However, believe us when we tell you that there are strapless bras that are worth buying and do their job quite well. To show all of our readers that these bras exist, we not only listed the best strapless bras available but we also wrote the following guide that should help just about any woman find the bra of her dreams.

Step One: Start With An Accurate Measurement

Before anyone can buy the best strapless bra, they need to get an accurate measurement of their bust size. One of the most common mistakes when buying one of these bras is to skip the bust measuring process. Yes, we understand that many women feel that they already know their accurate bust size, but the truth of the matter is that if they haven’t measured themselves in a while, then their size could’ve changed. Therefore, taking a measurement is the logical first step. Having said that, while taking a bust measurement, the best tool for the job is a flexible measuring tape. It’s the most accurate way to obtain a measurement using the steps below.

Measure For Band Size

The first measurement that needs to be taken is band size. This measurement is taken by holding the tape close to the body, but not so close that it becomes tight. The flexible tape measure should be even and go around the rib cage just under the bust. Once that’s done right down the measurement. If the measure is even, add 4-inches to the final number. If the measurement is odd, then add 5-inches. The final number is the band size. For example, if the bust is measured and found to be 32-inches, then the user will 4-inches because the measurement is even. Therefore, it becomes 36. It’s also a 36, however, if the measurement is 31-inches. That’s because that’s an odd number, so the user adds 5-inches to the number to obtain the final measurement.

Now Let’s Obtain Cup Size

The next step to obtaining a properly fitted strapless bra is to measure for cup size. This can be done by wrapping the flexible tape around the bust and through the center of the nipples. This number is then rounded up to the next whole level and wrote down. This is the bust measurement. A woman’s cup size is determined by subtracting the band size measurement from the bust size measurement and then noting the difference. Every inch difference between these two numbers determines the cup size according to the following chart.

Difference Between Bust Measurement & Band Measurement

  • 1-Inch: A-cup
  • 2-Inches: B-Cup
  • 3-Inches: C-Cup
  • 4-Inches D-Cup
  • 5-Inches DD-Cup
  • 6-Inches DDD-Cup

For example, a woman has a bust size of 40-inches and a bust size of 36-inches. The difference between the bust and the band sizes are 4-inches, so the woman wears a D-cup and needs a 36D bra. If the woman had a bust size of 36-inches and a band size of 34-inches, then the difference would be two inches, so she wears a B-cup and needs a 34B bra.

Make Adjustments For Strapless Bras

This is part of the process that can trip up a lot of women. They assume that since they wear a certain size for a bra with a strap, they’ll need the same size for a strapless bra. That isn’t the case, however. Strapless bras fit differently, so the woman is going to need to adjust. Usually, this involves round down in band size and then rounding up in cup size. This will ensure a snug fit and will ensure that the bra stays where it’s supposed to stay.

Other Strapless Bra Considerations

The next thing the consumer is going to want to do is to decide what type of strapless bra they are going to need. These bras come in several different styles these days, but most of them fit into one of three categories: Silicone Bras, Bandeau Bras, And Full-Figure Bras. Let’s examine each of these different bra types and see their strengths and their weaknesses.

  • Silicone Bras: These strapless bras stick on extremely well to the wearer’s skin due to the clingy nature of the silicone. These bras can be worn by just about any women, but women with known silicone allergies should avoid them.
  • Bandeau Bras: These are cupless strapless bras and are designed for women with smaller breasts. It’s a good option for women who wear either A or B-cups.
  • Full-Figure Bras: These strapless bras are equipped with extra features to allow them to be more supportive of full-figure women. Some of these built-in features include wire boning, additional back clasps, and wider elastic bands.

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