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Top 10 Women’s Compression Shorts Reviewed

The way your shorts fit, you will mainly affect their comfort, but also the level of compression should change, so be mindful about their fit. If you never had a pair of compression shorts on, it’s possible that you will consider the pair too small, thanks to the very tight nature they have. But this is what the shorts need to do! The tightness and compression is the magic of the shorts, and in time you will get used to it, and maybe even crave the form-hugging fit they offer.

Still, you must make sure that the pair you bought is not too small. There are a large number of benefits to wearing compression shorts as detailed in our guide. However, none of them equate to much if the shorts are so tight that you feel overly constricted. That’s why your first consideration when looking for a new pair of compression shorts needs to be the tightness of the fit.

You need to find that sweet spot between maximum performance compression and uncomfortable restriction. The easiest way to find it is obviously to try a pair on. But you can only do that if you are in a brick and mortar store.

When you are shopping online, you need to be guided by customer reviews and the compression guide listing. If the size is too big, they will feel like regular shorts, or they might even hang around your thighs and scrunch up in weird ways. Keep in mind that compression clothes are supposed to be 15% smaller than the regular sizes are. If you can’t cope with this, buy one size bigger, and you’ll be okay.

You must make sure that none of the seams on the shorts bug you, and that the waistband sits nicely around your hips too. As a girl, particularly if you have big or muscular thighs, you might be familiar with chafing. It can also be prevented by shorts that are tight around your thighs, since they won’t let the skin of your thighs rub, preventing rashes and itching.

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