Top 10 WOD Grips for CrossFit and Gymnastics Reviewed

Using gloves when going to the gym might seem like a weird idea if you’ve never done it before, but a lot of people do it for many reasons, and yet others avoid them like the plague, claiming they are of no help at all. If you’re a seasoned lifter, then you know what going barehanded can do to your hands, and Crossfitters know the perils of blisters and corns just as well.

Gloves help strengthen your grip when you lift weights and improve it so you can lift more. When you lift weights, combined with WOD which is very intense, you will definitely sweat, and sweat can make holding a lot of weight up a very dangerous situation. The gloves will absorb that sweat and let it dissipate, and they will also keep your hands in a safe position, as opposed to letting your fingers slide around due to increased moisture.

If you lift a lot, or if you work where you really need your grip all the time, then you’re familiar with blisters and calluses. Blisters can be very painful, and they can pop and bleed and become infected, making them even more painful and dangerous. The pain won’t let you use exercise normally, and your progress will be hindered. These pesky things develop because you constantly adjust your hands around the bars, and the increased friction combined with the moisture really hurts your skin, which is where gloves come in handy. Gloves mask all of these problems and give you a very secure grip.

Gloves also give your wrists much needed support when you exercise. The material your gloves are made out of also faces a lot of damage, as it’s their job to give you this support. When you perform, your wrists do a lot of work, and they bend in unnatural angles which can cause a lot of pain, and even tearing or twisting of the ligaments. The gloves also improve the amount of pressure you can withstand, increasing the amount of weight you can lift. The gloves distribute the weight and pressure evenly, as opposed to letting it concentrate on only one spot. You might have your reasons why you oppose gloves, but give them a try and see why they are so praised!

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