Top 10 Weight Lifting Straps Reviewed and Rated

Cobra Grips are aptly named because they are just plain tough. You will not need power hooks, lifting grips or a grip pad if you have these. Having wrist straps that adjust means the one size will fit anyone.

These grips have a support wrap for your wrist which is part of the grip. That alone makes them more comfortable on your hands.

The Cobra Grips will keep your grip secure without chaffing your hands. They give you plenty of padding.

These grips fit wrists from 5.5 to 8.75 inches which are perfect for most men’s hands. The FIT model fits wrists from 4.25 to 7 inches so they will work for most women. The Cobra designs are comfortable and adjustable with 6mm material. The ergonomic design is patented and designed for your wrist safety.

Cobra Grips is dedicated to making sure you can increase your success while working out without injury your body. They have empathy for injured hands and wrists and being forced to stop a great routine because of an injury.

In 2009 they decided to work to fix the problem. They designed these grips to replace wrist supports and hooks, lifting straps or weightlifting gloves. They let the lifted weight rest on the base of your hands instead of on your wrists. Instead of using lifting straps, these grips are much more flexible and thicker. The strap helps your wrist stay more stable with a nice wide Velcro

When you wear conventional straps you can risk carpel tunnel issues or cause nerve damage but the Cobra Grips let you do any exercise with much more control.

Gloves give your hands good protection but the Cobra Grips keep your hands cooler because they do not cover your whole hand. Instead of having to take them off to grab a drink or something, you can just twist them around on your hand.

Cobra Grips gives you extra padding to spare your palms and tighten your grip with the ergonomic and streamlined design which avoids slip.

Since you do not have to deal with hooks or straps, when you are done with the lift you can just let go of the bar.

Cobra Grips are made of the highest quality materials which benefit you in the gym. The wrist cuff has good elasticity which makes it easy to move your hands and they are durable so they will last you a long time.

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