Top 10 Vibrating Foam Rollers Reviewed and Rated

When soft tissue gets injured, the thin layer on top of or between muscles, which is called the fascia, becomes sticky. It is no longer able to slide freely, with the results this area of the muscle becomes stiff and sore. If not addressed quickly, these tight, sore areas can develop into chronic conditions.

Locating and massaging these tight spots can release the tension in a muscle. Myofascial release techniques are similar in providing the results often gained from acupressure and trigger point treatments. While trigger point treatments, acupressure and the like need to be done by a trained professional, we can all perform self-myofascial release. Maintaining a high level of soft tissue quality will help you to be flexible and pain-free.

There are about 40 muscles in the body. Throughout these muscles, there are around 620 potential trigger points. They tend to show up in the same places in most people. Some of the most common areas are the neck, shoulders, lower back, and buttocks.

Latent trigger points can lead to poor muscle coordination and balance. Trigger points often also led to pain and weakness in the associated structures.

A self-myofascial release which makes use of a trigger point foam roller is a very effective way to treat muscle trigger points. It allows you to place specific pressure on the trigger points and break up the sticky adhesions that cause them. By simply rolling around on the foam roller, you will break up most of the trigger points. Add in the vibration setting to all of this, and you get a very simple tool that is quite effective at giving you relief!

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