Top 10 Travel Compression Socks for Flying Long Haul

Rockay recently released their newest pair of compression socks, called Vigor. Made from recycled material, we obviously are into how they are being responsible in their manufacturing process, but how do these actually perform? In a word, Outstanding. The fit is consistent throughout the sock and provides a proper amount of compression to help keep the blood flowing.

On those longer trips, it’s great if you have the chance to get up on your feet periodically, but oftentimes that just isn’t an option. So the second-best option is to find an effective way to keep that blood flowing through your legs.

Our top choice is the recently released Vigor from a rapidly growing company named Rockay. Made originally “for runners by runners”, the vigor is designed to help with improved blood flow and reduced recovery times on longer distance runs. The same science applies to the requirements needed with long travel. For that reason, as well as their superior performance, We chose Vigor to sit at the top of our list.

The same exceeded criteria also make these perfect for Crossfit and weightlifting. The graduated compression is designed to remain consistent throught the entire sock, instead of leaving some portions tighter than others. There is also improved arch support for the midfoot, which offers support in the form of… you guessed it… compression. In all, These satisfied all of our key requirements, without missing a beat. For that reason, they get the number one spot.

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