Top 10 Total Gyms Reviewed

The Total Gym 1600 shows up fully assembled and ready to start helping you towards your fitness goals. When you are not using it, the unit folds up to around the size of an ironing board. That is perfect to slip under the bed or stand up in a closet.

The 1600 model is designed especially to strengthen and tone your muscle groups in just 10-20 minutes a day. It has to ability to do over 60 different exercises that focus on strength training, cardio training, and stretching exercises, all with this one machine.

It will work no matter what your age or fitness level. The machine arrives fully assembled and ready to use. Then it folds up nice and compact so you can store it in a closet. It has 8 levels of resistance and 250-pound weight capacity.

The dip bars help to target your pecs, chest, shoulders, and triceps. It attaches easily with the locking pin. It also includes press-up bars to help you strengthen your upper body. They are also easily attachable. It is designed for military-style press exercises using either a narrow or wide grip.

It has a multi-function attachment which adds versatility to your workout. You can attach it to the top or bottom rails to give yourself a better workout.

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