Top 10 Tools for Arch Support Reviewed

Your very first defense against arch pain should be a good pair of socks. They should have all the right features to alleviate most, if not all, problems related to poor arch support. Athletic or running socks are your best bet, as they have arch compression bands that squeeze your feet in all the right places, promoting blood flow and reducing swelling and pain. The Razer Trail is one of the best socks for arch support out there, and it was invented by a company called Rockay. This European based brand uses the best-recycled materials out there, utilizing their skills and experience to create amazing socks and other athletic gear.

Arch support tools are always risky, as they can add unnecessary bulk around your arches that will make them cramp up. Socks are already a must when you walk, and by buying a pair that has built-in arch support is good for your wallet and for your arches. The Razer Trail is made out of recycled nylon, polyamide, and elastane. These materials are not low-quality – instead, they were resurrected to be the better version of themselves, creating features that no other sock has. They were also treated with Polygiene, a technology that makes washing the socks as often as you normally would obsolete. Polygiene fights off dirt, sweat, and bacteria that cause bad odors.

The Razer Trail is a sock that has no seams on the toes. When you move, be it walking or running, your toes need the room to wiggle, and when they do, they will move the socks around in your footwear. If the seams on the socks protrude, they create friction and rub against your skin. This can create hot spots and blisters, and when you’re already suffering from arch pain or plantar fasciitis, blisters are the last thing you need. Seamless toes completely prevent blisters from developing, so the only thing you will have to fight off is arch pain. But thanks to the arch support these socks have, you won’t even have to do that! Your feet will get all the support they need to keep you moving, pain-free. When you flip the Razer Trail upside, you will see some raised areas. These areas are the cushions, strategically placed around the soles to protect your feet from the impact and shock when you walk. They evenly distribute pressure and help your arches do their job even better. The top of the sock has breathable mesh zones, and they help air circulate in and out of the sock, keeping you dry and cool. Rockay is very sure that the Trail won’t fail you, and as extra assurance, they offer a lifetime guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the socks, you can always tell them and expect a new pair to come flying to you!

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