Top 10 Sandbags For Training and Exercise

You might be wondering how the heck to swing this thing around and still get a good workout from it, and we’re here to help. These are the top five best workouts you can do with your weighted sandbag, and the best part is that they’re versatile! You can do these with small bags, large bags, lightweight, heavyweight, sand or water. Ready?

1) Forward lunge. With both hands, step into a normal forward lunge. As you step into place, swing the bag – with control – to one side before bringing it back to the middle and stepping back. Repeat with the other leg and side.

2) Reverse lunch. Let the weighted bag hang below your back, over the top of your neck, while you hold it over your shoulders with the side handles. Step back into a reverse lunge, before leaning into your front heel to come back to a standing position. Repeat while continuing to hold the back over your shoulder (like a backpack).

3) Side lunge. Hold the bag by its top handles. Step to one side, and while doing so, raise the bag over your head. Remain there for one second before using your outward foot to push back to the center position, before switching sides.

4) Hammer Curl. While remaining in a standing position with feet a comfortable width apart, hold your arms slightly out in front of you, using the top straps to grip the bag. Raise your arms in a normal arm curl, bag in tow, for as many reps as necessary.

5) One-legged Deadlift. Holding the bag with both hands the same way you did for the Hammer curl, lean forward carefully on one foot. When you’re at a 90-degree angle, lift the bag (similar to a hammer curl) and lower it, before propelling yourself back to a standing position.

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