Top 10 Portable Blenders Reviewed

We all know that a portable blender can give you a finer consistency drink, in less time, than a bottle with a shaker ball would. Many times, you may have made your protein potion, only to finish your workout and find that half the powder was stuck to the bottom of the bottle.

But protein shaker bottles are not ready to go extinct just yet.

Protein shaker bottles are less expensive than portable blenders. For someone just getting into weightlifting, who isn’t planning on making any complicate smoothies, this may be just the thing. You can’t break the ice in a shaker bottle, but you can use it to keep your drink cold. Down the road, a beginner can decide if they need a portable blender or not.

Protein shaker bottles have fewer parts to break down, overheat or need replacing. They are easier to clean, usually just having a cup, sip lid, and metal ball. Batteries never need changing. You don’t have to worry about losing your cup and ending up with just the base–if you lose the shaker cup, you lose the whole thing! And, of course, the protein shaker bottle will be cheaper to replace.

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