Top 10 Myofascial Release Tools Reviewed and Rated

The OPTP Pro Foam Roller comes in different diameters of quality foam. It is one of the best myofascial release tools and has a soft and comfortable compression.

The myofascial release tools are made of EVA foam which is cross-linked and closed-cell to make it durable. This roller is perfect to work on those trigger points, soften the knots in your neck, shoulders, and areas of increased muscle density. It is soft and durable.

The OPTP Pro Foam Roller is a high quality, long-lasting foam roller that will maintain its shape, even with heavy use. It is constructed with a closed-cell structure and cross-link foam technology, providing both comfort and durability.

The OPTP Pro Foam Roller is smooth, with no bumpy surfaces, making it ideal as a neck massager. The lightly textured, marble surface of the OPTP Pro provides a tactile feel that eases tight and/or sore areas in the upper back and shoulder area.

The OPTP Pro roller is available in a range of densities according to the color of the roller. The green marble and blue marble rollers are made of the same moderately firm yet comfortable density. This makes them great for self-massage of the neck and shoulders, along with core strengthening exercises.

The pink marble pro roller soft is softer in density and provides more gentle compression of your spine. This makes it the ideal introductory roller to use if you have neck or shoulder pain. The OPTP silver roller has a smooth surface and standard density. This is a great eco-friendly roller for people beginning foam roller exercise and for general home use.

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