Top 10 Low Carb Protein Powder Supplements for Keto Diet

Having effectiveness as the main criterion was one of the main points in our research for this list. We could have listed plenty of popular supplements, but it wouldn’t mean anything if they weren’t effective in their usage. A supplement could have an extraordinary amount of protein but it could still lack the ability to encourage muscle growth, making it a dud.

Similarly, our goal is to include supplements that offer added benefits so that we can provide options, rather than simply answering the question. Many might not realize that it is possible to have a protein supplement, a boost of collagen, and a nutrition supplement (or several) all wrapped into one powder. It’s also entirely possible to find supplements out there which are geared toward natural lifestyles, including veganism, paleo diets and, in this case, low-carb lifestyles.

In the case of the latter, when most people enter into a low-carb diet, they’re putting their bodies into ketosis. This means that the body begins to naturally burn fat when the reserve from a carb intake is low, which is an extremely effective way to control weight and prevent additional weight gain. While this is going on, it’s common to also begin a gym regimen so that you can tone muscle while losing fat, which is why a low-carb protein supplement is so important.

Studies have even shown that whey protein can prove to be an effective form of stress relief. The reasoning behind this is likely similar to why people who eat more dairy have been shown to suffer less or more mild, symptoms of depression. It can boost levels of serotonin naturally and while not drastic, still remains an interesting scientific discovery.

This could also be linked to a reduction in hunger when it comes to midday and late-night snacking. Not only have studies shown that hunger is reduced, but the urge to go after something sweet or salty, which is the common downfall when it comes to low-carb dieting, has been minimalized. This could be due to the fact that protein supplements encourage people to incorporate food into the morning routines where it was not previously, or the fact that whey itself is very filling and can sometimes be enough to tide you over until the following meal.

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