Top 10 Hack Squat and Leg Press Machines

Now you know how to use the squat machine; but how effective is the machine, is it worth learning how to do it?

Hack squats target the same muscles as regular squats, which is your quadriceps muscles, but more to the front of your thigh. There are four quadriceps muscles that work when you perform these squats, and they attach to your thigh bone and the front part of your pelvis and are connected with your knee through a common tendon, which is then attached to your shins through one more tendon. The quads are the muscles that are responsible for straightening your knee. If you place your feet towards the back of the footplate, your quadriceps will contract, even more, making the exercise super effective. Hack squats also strengthen your gluteus maximus. This muscle is responsible for flexing your hips, and if you want to work on your gluteus you should place your feet closer to the front of the footplates.

Besides all of this, hack squats are just as effective as regular squats are, and have the very same benefits. Squats obviously build the muscles of your lower body, but that’s not all that they can do. Squats will work on body-wide muscle building because they create something known as an anabolic environment. When you do squats with the proper form, their intensity can release testosterone and the growth hormone, and both of them are necessary for muscle growth.

Squats are functional exercises. These exercises are the ones that can be helpful for you even outside of the gym, in real life. Squats are definitely one of the most helpful functional exercises out there since you will have many chances in your life to use the strength and range of motion squats have generated for you.

Of course, the more you do squats, the more fat you will burn. The more muscles you have, the more calories you will burn, so get squatting and you will burn that stubborn fat once and for all! Also, your balance and mobility will improve, while your leg stabilizer muscles strengthen, prevent injuries and joint aches. All in all, you will give both yourself and your body a great favor if you start using the hack machine!

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