Top 10 Grip Socks for Yoga and Pilates

You will use these socks when you work out, so their comfort matters a lot. You probably don’t think about the comfort of your socks all that much, mostly concentrating on the shoes. However, yoga, pilates, and dancing are best done without shoes, and you can’t exactly go barefoot in the gym!

So, think about how the socks are constructed, and whether they will work for you when you go exercise. After all, you can’t use just any kind of athletic socks you find – they have to be specific, made out of non-slippery materials, or with grippy patterns as we mentioned above.

The very first thing to look out for is the length. Dancing, pilates, and yoga rely on the movement on the ankles as knees. Your best bet is either ankle or no-show socks.

You could go with quarter or crew socks too, but they might feel too restricting. Ankle socks are not the best fit for running or very intense exercises because they tend to slip into shoes. You won’t be wearing shoes here so this is not something to worry about!

Then look at how tight the top band is. The top band will keep the socks in place, and there’s no need to constantly stop and adjust your shoes when the band keeps them in place.

There are more ways to keep the socks in place though. Some grip socks have bands that extended around the ankles, helping stabilize them while gluing the socks to your feet. Arch support is very important for any kind of sport you’re into, so some have compression bands around them for support.

When you need to stand on your toes often, that band might affect your performance. Some manufacturers choose to leave that part open to give your feet improved mobility. Some of these socks will be lightly padded. These pads help absorb the shock when you dance and move, saving your arches and ankles.

It’s important to look at the amount of padding the socks have. You might think that the more cushioning the sock has the better, but that isn’t true. You shouldn’t have too much padding on the socks, as that could throw off your form and balance. Thick pads don’t let your feet feel the ground beneath them. So go for lightly padded socks.

And finally, some socks have toe socks. You’ve probably seen them before – they look like little socks that wrap around the toes. Although this will feel uncomfortable at first, you will realize that when your toes are separated, they do a better job of keeping you balanced, as the foot can move completely naturally.

Some manufacturers choose to leave the toes free, completely bare. This way, the toes also create traction, and you become even more stable when working out!

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