Top 10 CrossFit Gloves For Pull Ups Reviewed and Rated

Now let’s talk about how effective gloves and grips really are and do you need them or not. Some fitness enthusiasts believe that by using weightlifting gloves for working out is cheating. This is because you have that little bit of extra help that keeps you going, as opposed to not wearing gloves at all. Others believe that gloves will weaken your grip, and make you too attached to them. What you decide to do in the end will depend on what your goals are.

You can usually tell whether a person lifts or does pull-ups by looking at their hands. Their palms will be riddled with calluses, blisters, or maybe even wounds. Although none of these things are life-threatening, they are definitely bothersome and can be quite painful if left untreated. No one wants their hands to be rough and damaged, and doing mundane tasks, let alone doing pull-ups, is very difficult when pain shoots through the palms of your hands when you move around even just a little bit.

Also, you have your wrists to think about as well. Your wrists are the thinnest area on your body. There isn’t that much developing to be done on them, as they do not have a lot of muscle surrounding them in the first place. You can develop them to the max very easily, and fast. The straps of your gloves and grips will wrap around them and support them, giving them a break, reducing muscle fatigue. The wraps also keep the muscles and surrounding tissues compact and bunched up together, allowing them to work in unison.

And we have a problem with sweating. You will inevitably sweat when you work out, and your palms are one of the sweatiest areas on your body so you will sweat, a lot. This will make your palms prune up, and prune sweaty palms do not have a good grip, so you risk slipping down from the bar! At one moment you could be happy doing pull-ups, and the next thing you know, you’ve suddenly slipped and fallen down! The texture of your gloves will always give you a grippy surface, and the material will wick the sweat away, keeping you both dry and safe.

But, what about the potential drawbacks? Truth be told, your grip won’t be able to develop that much when you have grips or gloves on. This is because that extra strip of material prevents your hands from gripping the bar firmly, so you don’t get to use your full power. Also, some argue that the grips and gloves prevent you from keeping proper form, and pull-ups are all about proper form, and so is every form of working out. Furthermore, you lose the ability to actually feel what you are gripping. This is not so important when you do pull-ups, but it bothers some people enough that they drop the whole idea of gloves. The good thing is, this is true for gloves, most of the time. Grips will not impact your session so much, and they will only benefit you, keeping you safe and strong!

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