Top 10 CrossFit Clocks Reviewed and Rated

The battery life of your clock will determine how reliable your new little buddy is, and how long it can go before it needs to be charged, or before the batteries need to be replaced. The clocks we described here have three different ways of charging or staying on. Most of the clocks have removable regular batteries, which you will need to replace every few weeks or so, depending on how much you use the clock, or how good the batteries are. Some of the clocks are charged just like our cell phones are, and their batteries also usually last anywhere between a full 24 hours to a few weeks or more. The plus is that they only need to be charged for an hour or slightly more so you won’t lose precious time waiting for them to charge. And lastly, the most reliable option is the clocks that you need to plug into a socket, just like you would do with regular household appliances. This is great because you don’t need to replace the batteries or recharge the device, but it’s a problem if there are no sockets present, or if the cable is too short or it bothers you. The cable can also stop working, so you’ll be left with a dead clock. Ultimately, there is no definitive winner here, and what you choose will depend on what works best for you. Just in case, we will share some tips on how you can make your li-on and regular-battery-powered clocks last longer than anticipated!

Regular batteries simply need to be replaced, and there’s no special way to make them last longer than usual. But if you choose rechargeable batteries the story changes. First, choose NiMH batteries, or Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries. NiMHs can be recharged over and over again, for thousands of times, before you take them to be recycled. But if you do not plan to recharge batteries, do not go for NiMHs – alkaline batteries last longer without needing to be charged (or thrown out). As we said, NiMHs lose their power fast so you will need to recharge them often, which can be pretty boring. However, the amount of electricity needed to charge them is not a lot, and alkaline batteries last longer if they are charged often. Store your batteries in a cool and dry place when you don’t use them. You can even try storing NiMHs in a fridge! Warm temps can deplete their life, and a fridge can help them last longer. Just make sure to let the batteries warm up to room temps before you pop them into your clock.

Li-ion batteries are a different story. You must remember to use your Li-ion batteries – they will not only degrade when you use them, but they will also degrade when you don’t use them. This is exactly the reason why manufacturers tell you the cycle life of the batteries, and sometimes even their calendar life. This is why it’s best to buy batteries that are the newest, just like everything else. The temperature of the room where your device with li-on batteries is will also affect their life. Li-ion batteries like to live in temperatures that range anywhere from 20-25 degrees. In warmer temps, the protective layer of the batteries starts to degrade, and it then needs to be repaired, which then spends some energy capacity of the batteries in order to do so. In colder temps, the chemical reactions inside the battery will slow down, and when the batteries are tasked with processes that require a lot of energy, which can be a problem too. But colder temps are better than warm, so keep that in mind. Also, do not let your batteries fall under 20%, and if you don’t use it for long periods of time, it’s better to maintain their battery life at around 50%, than to let it empty completely and then charge it up to 100%! And last but not least, try not to stress out your batteries too much by putting a lot of processes on for them to handle! But luckily, your clocks don’t need a powerful battery, and the processes they do are not so complicated, so you will at least save your battery this way.

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