Top 10 Coolmax Socks Reviewed and Rated

The Solax socks are made with cotton, Coolmax fiber, or merino wool fiber. They will keep your feet comfortable. These socks are knit with a Y-shaped seam in the heel to give your feet a perfect fit.

They have excellent durability with a reinforced toe and heel so they are protected against holes. The toes of these socks have closed a stitch at a time to give it a flat look. There is also cushioning shock absorption under your foot and special channels knit into the sole. They give you traction and airflow around your feet.

These socks are made with Coolmax polyester, combed cotton, nylon, polyester, and Lycra spandex. The Coolmax technology moves sweat away from your feet to keep them dry. Your feet will be cool and supported while you are hiking.

Working outdoors, or going on your daily run. They have a cushioned sole to give your feet softness and protection from constant impact with the ground. Arch support is provided by spandex to protect your arch and avoid foot injury.

The seamless toe is hand-lined to protect against yarn irritation or chaffing which is caused by other toe seams. The tab keeps the socks from slipping down into your shoe. The Lycra elastic band is wrapped in the middle of your foot and your calf.

These compression socks are high quality and professionally customized for all types of sports like jogging, cycling, mountain climbing, and much more. They come in crew or ankle length and are simple socks that fit your everyday needs. The toe and heel of these socks are reinforced with durable, thick fibers to give you durability. Cushioning under your feet gives you fantastic comfort. Extra padding in the Achilles area, heel, and toe area help to protect against skin irritation and blisters.

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