Top 10 Best Winter Gloves of 2020 – Reviews

A good pair of winter gloves can save you a great deal of discomfort come winter time, not to mention the benefit of staying safe from frostbite as well. Although winter gloves don’t all share the same design or material construction, they all meet the same general purpose. In that regard, you have to pay attention to their insulation, cuffs, lining, and the standard of protection they deliver when buying a pair.

If you have ever bought a pair of gloves of any kind, you will know just how many sub-standard models there are out there, mostly because of the low manufacturing costs. This is also true in regards to winter gloves, even more so in some cases as the thick design can cover some pretty crude defects. For the most part, you have to pay close attention not only to the stitching but also to the fabrics and how they blend in the structure of the gloves themselves.

Once you have figured out what characteristics to look for when buying a pair of gloves, all that remains is that you choose a pair from the galaxy of choices available. Given the sheer variety the market has to offer, it may take a bit of effort to figure out which gloves can be considered top of the line. To save you the trouble, we put together a list of the ten best winter gloves money can buy.

Best Winter Gloves – Reviews

10Vbiger Winter Gloves

Vbiger’s winter gloves for men come with a unique touch screen or texting-friendly feature that allows you to use your smartphone while wearing the gloves. This ingenious design keeps the hands warm by retaining heat from your body, which is great considering that this one size glove easily fits most hands. The gloves are lightweight and breathable while keeping your fingers and hands warm on the inside while the thumbs and forefingers on the gloves have a touchscreen compatible material that helps you use your phone easily without taking them off.

9Wells Lamont Winter Work Gloves

The Wells Lamont HydraHyde Winter Work Gloves are an exceptional pair of gloves, one that keeps your hands warm even during the coldest days. It is great for construction and using heavy equipment in cold climates, mostly because the lining is made from heavy fleece and comes with a 40-gram Thinsulate Insulation. As such, these gloves are completely waterproof and extremely breathable as well. Furthermore, the palm has added synthetic leather for more protection and the wrist strap is fully adjustable.

8Wells Lamont Black Winter Gloves

Wells Lamont is a popular name in the winter glove category and the Black Winter Gloves are a good example why. They are lined on the inside with fleece to keep the hands warm on the coldest days. These gloves are useful for outdoor activities like construction, shoveling, landscaping, equipment use, and hand and power tool use. With 80-gram Thinsulate Insulation, these gloves will always keep your hands warm. We should also point out that the wrist straps are adjustable and the palm benefits from an added protection.

7Harrms Nappa Leather Gloves

The Harrms Nappa Leather Gloves are some of the most stylish winter gloves available. They are made from genuine leather and are designed to be tough and durable as the stitching is just as tough as the materials comprising the gloves. As such, they are perfect as a gift or for use around the house as well. These handmade gloves offer the warmth and protection very few gloves can offer, thanks mainly to the nanotechnology used in the glove, a design that lets you use your touchscreen devices with the gloves on.

6MCTi Waterproof Gloves

Considered some of the bestselling winter gloves out there, the MCTi Waterproof Gloves stand out as being made from polyester, Thinsulate Insulation, and water resistant TPU. There are 40 grams of Thinsulate in the gloves along with 140 grams of cotton to keep your hands warm. These gloves are great for activities such as construction work, snowboarding, skiing, using outdoor equipment, and so much more. It also has to be said that they are 100% windproof as well as waterproof which ensures that you stay warm no matter what. Interestingly enough, these gloves feature pockets to help you carry keys, cash, and other valuables easily.

5OZERO Cold Weather Gloves

The OZERO Cold Weather Gloves are an exceptional pair of gloves because they are capable of keeping your hands warm at temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. These gloves are made from breathable fibers and microfibers which combine breathability with high-standard insulation. With their Heatlock technology, you won’t have to worry about cold hands on your next skiing trip, while the palm region, which is made with deer suede leather, adds an extra layer of protection and comfort. It also has to be said that the fleece on the inside is soft and sweat resistant to an impressive standard.

4Youngstown Waterproof Winter Plus Gloves

With the Youngstown Waterproof Winter Plus Gloves, you get all the protection and warmth you need come winter time. The gloves are made from 45% nylon, 20% polyurethane, 15% polyester, 10% PVC, 7% neoprene, 2% cotton, and 1% velcro., which render these all-purpose gloves perfect for keeping your hands warm and cozy even during extremely cold winter conditions. The glove also comes with a 40 gram Thinsulate, a microfleece inner lining, and a waterproof, breathable membrane. Furthermore, the fingers and palm have an added grip for better working conditions.

3Heritage Gloves Extreme Winter Gloves

It is very important for a pair of winter gloves to be not only insulating but comfortable as well. Such is the case with these particular gloves which are both waterproof and breathable which makes them extremely valuable long-term. These gloves boast 4 barriers to help keep your hands warm at all times. At the same time, they properly keep out wind, water, and cold so you can do your work outside or inside without a care in the world. We should also point out that these gloves come with a zipper hand warmer pocket added for added comfort and that they are touchscreen compatible too.

2OZERO Cold Proof Thermal Glove

The OZERO Cold Proof Thermal Glove lets you choose the perfect size for your hand from S, M, L, and XL. The first thing to point out about them is that they boast a Heatlok Thermal layer added for when the weather conditions get extremely cold. The fibers and microfibers in the glove allow your hand to breathe while keeping it warm and snug. By retaining the heat, your hands will always remain warm and the soft polar fleece adds to the warmth and comfort. On a related note, let us note that the deerskin leather on the palm gives these gloves added protection and grip.

1Carhartt Insulated Work Glove

Few winter gloves meet the insulation and comfort standards that the Carhartt Insulated Work Gloves offer, which may explain their current popularity. These ingenious gloves are made from 100% imported polyester which makes them highly durable. Also worth mentioning is that they are four inches high and seven inches wide to fit practically any hand regardless of size. The gloves also have a Polytex shell which adds to their long-term durability. At the same time, the FastDry technology incorporated into the gloves keeps sweat and moisture away while the palm is reinforced with polyurethane for a better grip and protection.

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