Top 10 Best Umbrellas of 2020 – Reviews

This is relatively the best umbrella you can get out there. What to love about it is the modern technology, its durability, and it’s also covered by a lifetime guarantee. This umbrella is reliable in any weather condition. Whether you are using it in the rain, snow, or sleet, the umbrella will remain strong and offer the needed protection.

The frame and shaft are made of three-fold chrome plated metal, which makes it sturdy to withstand high winds. It is also automatic and has non-slip, rubberized handles.

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Umbrella Guide

If you are anything like most people, your track record of umbrellas can be a little cringy. It’s ok though, most people buy cheap and end up buying again before too long. This is why it is important to know exactly what a quality umbrella has to offer so you know what to look for.

A good product goes well beyond offering your waterproof shelter. There are also comfortable, non-slip handles to consider and those that are less likely to turn inside out at the first sight of wind. To make sure you are never caught short or found wanting something more reliable, here is our guide to buying a good umbrella.

What To Look For In An Umbrella:


This is one of the most important aspects of a quality umbrella and often neglected. It is difficult to get adequate strength from store-bought umbrellas but thankfully they are easy to find online. A shaft that is made from a durable material such as fiberglass is going to last longer, and stand up to the abuse of the elements in a way that others cannot.


When the tips that round the edges of the umbrella fall off, the metal edges can be a hazard. This is not only an annoyance to you but passers-by and anyone standing near on your daily commute. To avoid cutting a stranger or poking yourself in the eye, rounded plastic tips are important. Every umbrella has them, but only quality products keep theirs on for a long time.

Non-Conductive Material

When you are out in the rain, the weather can make an even bigger turn for the worse. When there is lightning around, it is no laughing matter but you could still be far from shelter or safety. If this is the case it is important to buy an umbrella that features non-conductive material. again, this is where a fiberglass shaft comes in handy as it will not conduct lightning.

Such a trait is especially important for outdoor activities such as golf where you are exposed.

Rain Protection

As obvious as it may seem, some umbrellas are better at protecting you from the rain than others. This is often down to the size of the canopy and shape as this will cover a larger area. The diameter from edge to edge is what you need to consider. The canopy’s depth will also allow you the shelter more of your body, especially when the rain starts blowing sideways.

Wind Protection

Some umbrellas are better at this than others but if it is particularly good against repelling wind, the chances are the company will let you know about it. Some umbrellas are capable of withstanding strong winds and anything around 60 mp/h gives you far more protection than your average product. This means it will not damage easily ot turn inside out without a fight.

Sun Protection

This can be a neat addition to an umbrella as often you can find products that give you SPF 50+ protection. Since most people keep one in their golf bag, it might be just the thing to keep you cool on hotter days.

Comfortable Handle

This can make all the difference but is a matter of preference. The more comfortable the handle, the better it is for longer use so if you are looking for a golf umbrella, try and find something ergonomic or with a bit of padding.

Anyone who wants to look good when the rain is pouring overhead, a wooden handle can ensure you still look dapper, when everyone else is running for shelter.


Out of all the things that make a good umbrella worth buying, this shouldn’t be as important, but it is. The design, colors or overall look of the umbrella will be the first thing that draws you near or puts you off buying. A lot of the time, this is where designer brands come in and you can get quality umbrellas made by watchmaking companies, sports brands, and specialist umbrella makers and more often than not, they come in different designs.

What Size Umbrella Should I Get?

This is one of the biggest decisions to make when buying the best umbrella for your needs. If you are taking it on the golf course, or want to make sure you get a lot of coverage, a larger umbrella of over 60 inches should do the job.

If you need something that packs down small to fit in your bag and to use it when you get caught in town between shops, then something smaller will work.

How Easy Is The Umbrella To Use?

When the rain starts pouring unexpectedly and you have your umbrella to hand, you don’t want to risk getting soaked as you wait for it to open. An easy to open umbrella will often be able to open at the click of a button or at least feature a simple opening mechanism.

Some can be opened using one hand which makes life that little bit simpler. When it’s raining cats and dogs, small margins can make all the difference.

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