Top 10 Best Tower Fans of 2020 – Reviews

A very popular tower fan by most metrics, the Lasko’s 2554 Wind Curve is a top-performance yet space-efficient tower fan designed to offer high-reaching, widespread air circulation in a quiet operation. It even features a Fresh Air Ionizer feature for combating indoor air pollution by producing millions of negative ions for trapping pollens, dust, pollen and other fine contaminants, making it great for people with asthma, allergies, and other breathing problems and offering fresh, clean air. Last but not least, an included multi-function remote helps you operate the fan from a distance with no issues whatsoever.

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A Guide To Tower Fans

Since we’ve just discovered how useful these fans are and have covered some of the best ones available, we thought we’d do a deeper dive on the subject. We thought that we would create a guide that would answer some of the most commonly asked questions about these fans. Hopefully, the following information can be put to good use, so all of our readers can purchase the best tower fan for their homes and for their needs.

Benefits Of A Tower Fan

Before we talk about what to look for when searching for your next tower fan, it might be a good idea to go over some of the benefits of owning one of these fans over floor, window, or box fans. Below are some of the reasons why more and more people are buying high-quality tower fans.

  • They save space
  • They can project air at a 90-degree angle
  • Many of them can oscillate
  • They’re stylish
  • They’re energy-efficient
  • They are reasonably priced

What To Consider Before Buying A Tower Fan

Okay, now it’s time to get down to business and find out some of the features that the best tower fans all have in common. So without further ado, below are what consumers should look for when they choose their next tower fan for their apartment or house.

How Easy Is It To Setup?

One of the first considerations that most people are going to want to keep in mind is how easy the tower fan is to assemble. Each of these fans is different from one another and some of them require more assembly than others, so most consumers are probably going to want to buy one that’s mostly assembled and only requires a few minutes of assembly time.

Fan Speeds & Fan Modes

Another thing to keep in mind is the number of speeds the fan has. At the very least, one of these fans should have 3-fans speeds: low, medium and high. Anything less than that is probably unacceptable. There are many models have more than 3+ speeds and there are some advanced models that have up to 8-speeds. Another thing to consider is the fan’s modes. Although there is no selection of fan modes that are perfect for everyone, all consumers should consider what some of the modes they need their fan to have. Some modes often found on tower fans include sleep modes, natural modes, high-power modes, and light modes.

Oscillation Modes

The consumer should also consider whether they need their fan to oscillate, and if they do, how much do they need it to oscillate. Some tower fans provide absolutely no oscillation, while others can offer up to 90-degree oscillation. How much oscillation, and whether the oscillation is automatically or manually controlled will largely depend on the preferences of the consumer.

Noise Levels 

For most people, choosing a tower fan that doesn’t make a lot of noise is their top priority. Therefore, these people should look for a fan that either specifically states that it’s a low-decibel fan or one that’s equipped with a sleep mode. Sleep modes allow the fan to deliver cool air to the room, but do it without all of the noise typically associated with a fan.

Tower Fan Size

The size of the tower fan is another important consideration for any consumer to make because these fans come in a wide assortment of different sizes. And we do mean a wide assortment. There are desktop versions of these fans that are under 6.9-inches, and there are full-size fans that are 29-inches or taller. Of course, the fan size that a person chooses is going to depend on their needs and where they intend to place the fan.

Remote Control Operation

Although remote control operation of a fan isn’t necessary for it to be considered a good fan, some people like to be able to turn their fan on or off or adjust it from the comfort of their couch. If the consumer needs a remote, then there are plenty of models available that have that feature—all they have to do is look.

In Conclusion

It’s quite clear that these fans are great for anyone to use. They can be conveniently located in the corner of a room, so they can be used in offices, dorms, small living rooms, and other living spaces without taking up a whole lot of room. And they also make great housewarming gifts, gifts for new homeowners, and gifts for the holiday season.

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