Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes of 2020 – Reviews

ASICS GEL-Solution Speed 2 is a man’s great tennis shoe unique for its lightweight yet very reliable design. It features a full-foot ventilation that recommends it as the perfect choice for summer matches. At the same time, the top-quality synthetic mesh upper allows for a convenient fit, a feature you will find to be just as effective regardless of your foot size. We should also point out that its rubber outsole ensures great stability while a foam midsole gives you the best possible support and foot comfort. Better still, this tennis shoe integrates a Flexion-Fit upper plus a PGuard toe-protector for extra safety and support.

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Tennis Shoes Guide

For a competitive edge, you need a quality pair of tennis shoes, but how hard is it to get this right? First of all, go up a half size from what you are used to as there needs to be room to reach and slide around the court.

After this, it is down to the shoe to support you and help you get around, turning fast and cushioning the impact of every step. Not all tennis shoes are going to give you what you need so to make sure you get this right, you have to know what to look for. The following tennis shoes guide will help you make an informed decision so you can ace this purchase first time.

What To Look For In Tennis Shoes


The sole is going to be what helps you stop suddenly, and make quick turns of direction when your competitor is pushing you around the court. To give you a fighting chance of returning the ball a quality rubber sole will help. They are usually made to be non-slip but will vary depending on what surface you play on.

The grooves and patterns on the sole will help so make sure the brand you look at has put some thought into the grip before you buy.


Because so much of tennis is about movement and less about striking than you might think, you need to find a tennis shoe you can rely on. The last thing you want is to have your performance hindered by something that should be making tennis seem fun and effortless. The better products will have a comfortable insole with adequate padding to make you light on your feet.

The collar should have a good amount of padding, as should the tongue to make every twist and turn seamless.


Tennis isn’t the sort of game you play in the rain but things can get pretty damp at the feet if you buy low-quality tennis shoes. You want to find a product that is made from breathable materials features a layer or area of meshing so the feet can breathe. On top of this, moisture-wicking materials will mean that sweat runs off the show instead of becoming a problem that can lead to discomfort and rubbing.


Tennis shoes have a certain lifespan but this doesn’t mean you should have to change them every other month. For the casual player, a quality pair of tennis shoes should last around six months or even longer.

You geta round 500 miles out of them before their performance starts to decrease.


A quality outsole will protect the foot and take some of the impacts of fast turns, keeping everything in place. This helps to prevent injuries that are common in low-quality tennis shoes or trainers that are not specifically designed for tennis. An outsole that protects the foot should be able to withstand soome punishment when rushing to the net.


The midsole is what helps to spring you back into action when stepping and will give you a layer of comfort when wearing your tennis shoes. Often, the midsole will have extra layers of cushioning and some brands add specialist technology into this area to give you a boost.


Whilst it is important for your foot to have the right amount of protection on the court, you also want to make sure the materials do not weigh you down. When speed is important, the weight of your tennis shoe can be vital. Some products do this better than others without compromising the durability and overall quality of the shoe.


In terms of priorities, this is probably higher than it should be for most people. After you have found the right pair of tennis shoes in terms of performance, you can usually match the color and style to your chosen outfit, or find something neutral to wear with different gear.

Because most of the big brands have made their tennis shoes available in loads of colors, this shouldn’t be a problem for even the most style-conscious of doubles partners.

Toe Guard

This is where a lot of the impact is placed in your tennis shoe so you will notice the protection is increased in this area. A lot of what makes tennis shoes more durable centers around this area because without it, they will not be fit for purpose for long.

Tennis Shoes and Squeaking

Depending on the surface, you might notice your tennis shoes squeak a lot. This can’t always be stopped as you will know from watching the pros but there are some things you can do to lessen the noise.

By sprinkling a little baby powder on the insole and always wear comfortable socks that are tailor-made for the rigors of tennis to keep the area dry. You might find that this stops over time as the shoes are worn in but always remember to wash and dry your tennis shoes regularly.

Tennis Shoes and Shock Absorption

Because so much of tennis is high impact on the foot and ankle, your tennis shoe of choice needs to go the extra mile when it comes to shock absorption.

It is part of what makes them so springy and each brand does this differently. They should have developed their own technology to increase the shock absorption of their product and most of them like to talk up the effectiveness so you can’t miss it.

All-Court vs Clay Court Tennis Shoes

When buying tennis shoes, one of the first things you need to consider if the playing surface. If you usually stick to playing indoors or on hard surfaces then an all-court tennis shoe will give you adequate support.

Clay court shoes are made different and will give you more traction for going back and forth whilst the upper is usually made different to prevent any clay from getting into the shoe.

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