Top 10 Best Stun Guns in 2020 – Reviews

This stun gun is rechargeable and features a LED flashlight. It is the best we have in this list of reviews. This stun gun comes with a decent price tag. It is portable and highly effective. This tool is a perfect choice for serious users and those with serious safety concerns. It is actually one of the most powerful you can find on the market.

Unlike most stun guns, this gun features a stop strap technology. This means that you can’t accidentally stun yourself. It has 300 million volts; this is enough to completely disable the attacker. It is safe to carry and has 120 lumens LED flashlight.

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The Ultimate Guide To Stun Guns

After looking over the above list, most people will begin to realize that not only are these tools extremely effective for self-defense, but they are diverse enough that they can be used by just about anyone. Unfortunately, all of the different models may make some of our readers wonder how they’re ever going to buy the best stun gun for their needs. To help solve that problem, we’ve created this guide that will help everyone who reads it figure out which type of stun gun is right for them.

Before we do a deep dive into this subject, however, it may benefit some of our readers to understand just exactly how a stun gun works. After all, once a person knows how these devices are intended to function, it will be a lot easier for them to choose a model that’s appropriate for their needs. Having said that, let’s get started.

What Exactly Is A Stun Gun?

Our readers who are already familiar with these types of devices can feel free to skip down to the section on selecting a new stun gun, but for everyone else, we’d like to take a few moments to describe how these devices work. These devices are electroshock devices that are intended to deliver a high-voltage to an attacker’s body. This electrical shock isn’t meant to be nonfatal but is instead designed to disrupt motor and muscle functions temporarily, so the defender has a chance to flee from an attacker. How does a stun gun differ from a Taser? Although there are a few slight differences between these two products, the main difference is that stun guns deliver the shock from direct contact, while Taser shoots out wires which deliver the electric shock. This means that stun guns can only be used in close quarters with an attacker, while Tasers can be used from a distance.

How To Buy A Stun Gun

There are several different features to consider when choosing a stun gun for protection. Keeping these features in mind while choosing a new stun gun will ensure that the consumer not only buys the one that serves them the best but one that may be acceptable where they live.

Legal Issues

Although it’s legal just about everywhere in the U.S to own a stun gun, only some U.S States allow the device to be carried, and others may place restrictions on whether or not they can be carried. Therefore, the consumer needs to consider whether they can purchase these devices and if they can purchase them, whether they can carry them legally.

Voltage Levels

How much voltage a stun gun produces is the determining factor as to whether it’s going to be effective or not. Although some brands exaggerate the voltage their stun guns produce, most stun guns have a voltage level of anywhere from 20,000 volts to 20,000,000 volts. The minimum voltage any consumer should consider is 50,000 volts, but if they’re looking for something with a real kick, then they may want to consider high-voltage models that deliver over 500,000-volts of electricity to the attacker.

Size & Shape

A quick search on the Internet, or even a look at our top ten list, will show just about anyone just how many different stun guns are available. They come in sizes and shapes that are as small as tubes of lipstick, up to stun gun batons and just about everything in between. They’re handheld models that look like cell phones and large models that are designed for law enforcement or tactical use. How the consumer is going to use or carry the device will determine which size is best for them.

Disable Pins

What’s a disable pin? A disable pin is a pin that connects the stun gun to a safety strap worn on the user’s wrists. When the device is pulled from the user’s hand, this strap will pull the disable-pin out of the stun gun. This pin is required for the stun gun to operate, so it disables it. What’s the purpose of this feature? It’s designed so that if an attacker wrestles the stun gun away from the defender’s hand, he can’t then turn around and attack them with their stun gun.

Stun Gun Alarms

Another feature that’s commonly found on stun guns is personal alarms. These alarms are activated by the user and allow them to initiate it before they have to resort to using the stun gun. These alarms usually have an extremely high decibel level, so many times, when they go off they’ll end up scaring off the attacker. However, in instances where the attacker isn’t dissuaded by the alarm, at least the defender has been able to signal for help. And since they still have the power of their stun gun as a last resort, it’s an effective layering of self-defense methods for most users.


Flashlights are another feature that’s found on many stun guns. Many of these devices look like regular LED flashlights and will even project a powerful beam. However, when they’re needed for self-defense, they can easily be used as a stun gun to fight off an attack. It’s a 2-in-1 tool that gives the user a flashlight and a stun gun rolled into one. That allows them to carry it in their glove box or toolbox for emergency use and remain confident that they always have a self-protection tool close at hand.

Rechargeable Batteries

All stun guns have rechargeable batteries that allow them to be charged up in between uses. However, not all of them have the same quality of rechargeable batteries. That’s why it’s important for the consumer to carefully consider the batteries very carefully. The best models only need to be charged every 60-days or so and are backed by a warranty that guarantees them for 100-200 charges. Other models require monthly charging and aren’t backed by a warranty, so it pays for the consumer to be vigilant when considering a new stun gun. Buy the wrong one and they may have to replace the gun every 2-years.

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