Top 10 Best Socks For Men in 2020 – Reviews

Manufactured by the popular brand Gold Toe, the Men’s Cotton Crew Athletic-Sock 6-Pack is crafted from premium grade soft cotton with a complete cushioning for the entire foot.

Including 78% cotton, 1% polyester, 19% nylon and 2% spandex, these durable socks come with the latest most advanced AquaFX moisture control technology that helps to keep the feet dry and free from sweat. Thanks to its spandex material and specially padded toe area, it offers the perfect fit, ultra comfort, flexibility, and durability.

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Socks For Men Guide

Socks are of those things we don’t put a lot of thought into but they are worn all year round and you really notice the difference when you wear a quality pair. This is why so many people are starting to pay attention to the brands and specs of what they put on their feet.

The temptation can be to buy the cheapest pair and get a big value pack. This isn’t ideal as your comfort and hygiene can be impacted. If you are like a lot of modern gents who want to find quality socks for men, our guide will help you make a sensible purchase.

Types of Socks

Us men are creatures of comfort so we usually stick to what we know. This is why many blokes haven’t even realized there are different types of socks for men. A couple of the variants might seem obvious but there are a few options.

  • No Show Socks – You will know these as when the summer months come around, they are all people seem to wear. Comfortable and discreet, they help you to complete a casual look and stay cool.
  • Ankle Socks – The most common type of sock and as the name suggests you pull them up to your ankle. They should be breathable and comfortable and are so versatile they can be worn during exercise or to the office.
  • Crew Socks – Sometimes thicker, they are a preferable choice for the sporty types and often have a big sports logo blazoned on the side.
  • Dress Socks – Often a sign of higher quality they are made from better materials but expect the price to reflect this.
  • Outdoor Socks – Sometimes known as hiking socks they are made of tougher stuff to protect you from the elements. Durable and go well with boots.

Socks For Men: Materials

This is everything as a quality pair of socks for men is only as good as the material used. Here are some of the most common you will find:


These are one of the most popular but men don’t seem to have enough of them. This is surprising because wool socks are comfortable, are excellent for moisture-wicking, and help to keep a comfortable temperature. Low-quality wool can be uncomfortable so look for something that is from a reputable brand or made from fine wool as it is blended with other materials to stop it from being itchy on the skin.

Merino Wool

One of the highest quality materials when it comes to socks for men and because it is from a different breed and it feels softer and smoother when worn. Expect the same traits as regular wool, but better.


This might be the first material you think of when looking for socks for men but cotton might be popular, yet it is considered low in terms of quality.

They tend to absorb moisture which isn’t ideal for an area where sweat is so frequent and uncomfortable. You need something more breathable so the odor doesn’t become an issue.

Not only that, but it might seem like good value but cotton socks tend to be pretty frail in comparison to the likes of wool that will last a lot longer. If buying cotton socks, you’d better get a lot of pairs as they won’t take long to wear.

Tips For Wearing Socks

There are a few golden rules that all men should abide by. So if you are planning your outfit for the day, or eyeing up a pair of bright and colorful socks, check it is the right idea. They are simple and easy to remember but forget them at your peril.

  • The first thing to remember is that when wearing black shoes, you should only ever wear black socks. Anything else stands out in all the wrong ways.
  • If you are looking to match your socks to something, make it your shorts and not your shoes or trainers. On formal occasions, match your socks to your tie.
  • Avoid too many patterns. If your outfit already has a bit of flair, adding another pattern via some funky socks might have the opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve.
  • Keep your white socks for the gym. A general rule that is easy to remember is no white socks, unless its a workout.
  • When wearing boots, wear high socks to avoid rubbing, your ankles will thank you later.
  • When wearing boat shoes or something a little different in the summer, you can change the look by wearing no show socks.


It’s easy to find a quality pair of socks for men when you know what to look for. Also, when you know the situation you might be wearing them in, you can enhance an outfit.

Whatever you choose, there is no longer an excuse for buying socks that get holes within a few months.

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