Top 10 Best Snow Shovels of 2020 – Reviews

The Garant Yukon Steel Blade Snow Pusher is equipped with a heavy-duty poly blade and constructed with a premium grade fiberglass handle for better handling. Light in weight, durable, and extremely efficient, this snow shovel features an ergonomic design with an extra wide grip for added control and a better hold. Unlike most shovels, this one comes with a special ribbed support at the back of the blade for additional strength while shoveling high levels of snow. Overall, it is perhaps one of the most practical yet surprisingly affordable snow shovels the market has to offer.

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Snow Shovel Buying Guide

People who have shoveled snow before value sturdiness, flexibility, and ease of use when looking into the possibility of buying a snow shovel. What you want is to also consider a good balance in strength, weight, blade size, and grip comfort, mostly because of how tiresome the snow shoveling process can get. Once you have figured that out, all that remains is that you choose a shovel that would meet your demands in regards to design, maintenance, and price tag. To help you in that regard, we thought it would be wise to get a better understanding of what constitutes a good snow shovel and what characteristics to look for when buying one.


A good snow shovel has to be both sturdy and lightweight, not just because of how intensely the whole snow shoveling process can get but also to ensure that you won’t have to replace the shovel after just a few uses. In that regard, some of the best snow shovels are made of 6000-series aluminum, which is the most commonly used metal for shovel shafts and blades. Even though shovels made of plastic are lighter in weight, the sheer strength and durability of aluminum make these shovels a lot more practical long-term. Some of these shovels may also employ high-density polyethylene which is also quite durable, along with being a lot more light in weight and easier to store.

Blade Size

You want a snow shovel with a reasonably wide blade because it determines the relative speed and efficiency of your shoveling. These blades can be anywhere between 18 inches in size to more than 30 for a conventional snow shovel design. With plows and electric shovels, the width and depth of these blades can differ ever so slightly for obvious reasons. While larger blades are perfect for moving snow at a fast pace, they do require a lot more effort on your part, which renders the shoveling process quite tiresome. By comparison, smaller blades allow you to shovel snow for much longer without getting too tired in the process.

Blade Shape

As you would imagine, the shape of a shovel’s blade also influences the shovel’s overall performance. For the most part, snow shovels have flat or at least flat-ish blades, a shape that has the purpose of gathering as much snow as possible with each push. While flat blades are preferred for creating smooth snow-pit walls, a sharper blade edge can definitely help you break up ice as you go along. That said, you have to look into the possibility of buying a shovel with a reasonably large blade, yet one that also features the capability to bust up ice as well.

Grip Types

It is somewhat of a trend for snow shovels to have telescoping or segmented shafts. The reason behind this is that people tend to attach them to their winter-related equipment or tool boxes. You, therefore, have various types of grips for various types of shovels, each with their own particularities. While snow shovels are mostly built to do the same job, some are designed for comfort as well as practicality, thus the different grip styles.

T-grip Shovels – T-grip shovels can be gripped between the fingers and are generally considered very easy to use. This is the type of shovel that is usually very light in weight and easy to handle when wearing gloves. We should point out, however, that some people have difficulties controlling the shovels if they’re wearing mittens or overmitts, a good enough reason as any to perhaps invest in a different type of shovel if you’re a mittens fan.

D-grip Shovels – D-grip shovels may render a shovel bulkier and relatively heavier, but many people consider that to be a more reliable design overall. Unlike T-grip versions, these shovels can easily be handled with mittens or overmitts. Not only that but the heavier design also helps with their ice-breaking capabilities, which is something many people look for when investing in a versatile snow shovel.

L-grip Shovels – L-grip shovels are less common than the other two, yet they enjoy a design that offers a more user-friendly handling. To some extent, these shovels are designed to have the same handles as many household appliances. This renders them more maneuverable while providing you with the same practicality as T-grip shovels. Bear in mind, however, that L-grip shovels aren’t that easy to come by and even if you do find one, you might have a hard time figuring out what constitutes a good one to begin with.


It may sound strange for some to talk of snow shovel attachments, yet they exist and they’re quite popular. Along with your average snow shovel, you can also get a coarse-surface broom to clear out dry snow once you’re done with the shoveling part. Before that, you might also want to employ an ice scraper, a tool designed to scrape up ice for easy shoveling. With that out of the way, then perhaps you could pair your primary snow shovel with an aluminum scoop to help you clear out large quantities of snow over short periods of time. Remember that aluminum scoops cannot handle icy snow on account of them not having a sharp blade, although they are more than efficient when it comes to shoveling snow you have already dislodged from the driveway.

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