Top 10 Best Rechargeable AA Batteries of 2020 – Reviews

These are some of the highest rated models of rechargeable AA batteries on the market today. The BK-3MCCA8BA Eneloop use Panasonic’s innovative rechargeable battery technology to offer up to 2,100 recharge cycles. They are designed to provide a reliable power output for maximum performance, maintaining up to 70 percent charge for up to 10 years. The cells come pre-charged and they offer a good performance at extreme temperatures, even at -4 degrees Fahrenheit if needed.

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Rechargeable AA Batteries Guide

A set of reliable rechargeable batteries can make a huge difference in how much you spend, especially when they last a long time. Whether you are using them in an emergency such as in a flashlight, or something less serious, you still want to be sure they are going to keep working for hundreds of hours.

The problem with a lot of brands is that their power fades quickly and before too long, you are having to replace the batteries. This defies the point. So, to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here is a guide on what you should expect from rechargeable AA batteries.

What To Look For In Rechargeable AA Batteries


The better products will have hours and hours of use and can be used thousands of times. Some products allow you to fully recharge them over 2,000 times although there are some good products that don’t quite reach this level. They say that rechargeable batteries pay for themselves after only a handful of uses, well the potential savings are staggering by the time they have reached this level.

Fast Re-Charge

Because you might need a quick turnaround of using the batteries, a fast re-charge could be vital to your needs. Any professional needing to tip up the battery life might be better off carrying fully charged spares with them. However, some brands don’t take long to charge, often around 1.5 hours.

Maintaining Charge

Because the rechargeable batteries might be idle for a long time, sat in a box in a cupboard under the stairs, you want to be sure they are fine to use even if they haven’t been touched for years. Some rechargeable AA batteries hold around 75% of their charge, even when they haven’t been used for 10 years.


To be honest, any rechargeable battery is going to save you money compared to regular single-use batteries but the longer they last, the better. This means the real value is finding a product that can be fully recharged again and again for years on end. The initial outlay might be a little higher for the better products, but they will save you even more in the long run.

Storage Capacity

The length a rechargeable battery can operate is usually measured in mAh. The bigger this number, you will often find the longer it will work for and the greater the output it can offer.


Some materials are better than others but you will find that there are brands that use recycled batteries as part of their product. This adds to the environmental benefits and some people will be drawn to these products.


In order to make sure you can charge them easily, the rechargeable AA batteries you choose need to be compatible with various chargers. This means you don’t rely on certain brands and when it comes to replacing the batteries, the charger can still be of use. It also provides greater possibilities so you can widen your options and find the right product that suits you.


To prevent the batteries from rolling around at the bottom of your bag, or losing them in a drawer somewhere, a lot of brands will include a plastic container to keep the batteries in one place.

Pre-Charged Batteries

For a lot of people, this isn’t the most important part of making a decision on which rechargeable AA batteries to buy, but some come pre-charged. The level of charge does vary though and some migh say pre-charged, but only to 20% of full capacity. This will require some charging before you can really use it properly so be mindful if you are planning on putting it to use from the get-go.

Using Rechargeable AA Batteries

The brand you choose might not be best suited to your intended use. A photographer will need a high-quality rechargeable AA battery to make sure they have a reliable charge that lasts a long time, especially when photographing special occasions such as weddings.

Make sure the brand you are looking at is up to the task.

When Not To Use Rechargeable AA Batteries

Some uses of rechargeable batteries are a waste. If you put them in a remote control or a clock, they might be better suited to products that might run the battery life a bit quicker. Otherwise, they will sit in your low battering draining products when you could be putting them to better use elsewhere.


There are a few basics to consider when buying rechargeable AA batteries but with a lot of quality available, and plenty of savings to be had, finding the right product for you can be easy. It might be the only purchase you make for a decade.

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