Top 10 Best Pocket Flashlights in 2020 – Reviews

With just 7W of power, this flashlight can generate 300 lumens of light. It comes with a zoom feature that makes it fill the role of a flashlight and that of a torch as well. With its waterproof design, this flashlight is also suited to many outdoor uses, even in areas with high moisture concentration.

The gadget also has a clip for easier and more secure carrying. Also notable is the fact that the LED on this flashlight can last for 100,000 hours. You also have the option of using a single AA battery or a lithium 14500 battery.

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Pocket Flashlight Buying Guide

Pocket flashlights allow the consumer to carry a source of light with them wherever they go. They’re small, can usually fit easily into a pocket or glove box, and modern ones really can produce a fantastic beam of light. That’s why everyone should own at least one of the flashlights. They make a great tool for anyone to keep on their belt, or for keeping in an emergency preparedness kit or a glovebox.

Of course, as great as these flashlights can be, some models aren’t worth the time or money. That’s why we decided to write this guide. We wanted to help consumers find the best pocket flashlights more easily, and do it without having to do a ton of research. So let’s get started and find out some of the features that the consumer should consider when buying a new flashlight.

The Flashlight’s Bulb & Light Output

One of the first things to consider is the bulb of the pocket flashlight, which we believe is the flashlight’s heart. Although there may be one or two other types of flashlights with different bulbs, most of the flashlights manufactured today have LED lights. LED stands for light-emitting diode, and it’s one of the most durable and reliable bulbs created. What’s important when choosing a new pocket flashlight is how many lumens it can produce. Since most flashlight packages or their online descriptions readily list the lumens they produce, not everyone is sure how many lumens they may need, so we listed some of the more common lumen types below.

  • 25-Lumens or Less: Suitable for reading a book or other close-up tasks
  • 200-Lumens: Suitable for illuminating points in an average-size yard.
  • 500-Lumens: These are suitable for tactical purposes, security, hunting, fishing or workplace use.
  • 1000-Lumens: These are extremely bright and are suitable for night fishing, caving, or camping.

The consumer should keep in mind that just because a flashlight boasts a high lumen output, it doesn’t mean that it will always provide the user with good visibility. Some of the cheaper pocket flashlights offer a high lumens output, but the clarity of that light isn’t very good and the flashlight just ends up eating batteries. Therefore, the consumer should consider quality brand flashlights, especially if they need one with a high-lumen output.

Think About The Flashlight’s Battery Runtime

It’s important to consider the flashlight’s runtime as well. Not all batteries will provide the power that the user needs the flashlight to have for it to be useful, so it’s important to consider the batteries used in the light and how long they run, on average. The most common battery used in these flashlights is CR123 batteries. Those are the batteries that offer some of the best weight to power measurements of any type of battery, but they’re not the only ones available. There are also 18650 Flat top rechargeable batteries, AAA batteries and a few other select batteries available.

Consider Flashlights With Multiple Modes

Although some pocket flashlights aren’t equipped with as many modes as larger flashlights, most of them are quite advanced nowadays. Therefore, when choosing one of these flashlights, the consumer should look for the modes that they most need. For most people, that would be a high and a low setting. A flashlight with those two modes can be switched to high when it’s needed for spotting something, and then switched to low as needed to conserve battery life. Other modes that can be found on some of these flashlights include Medium, Strobe and SOS Modes.

Consider Waterproof Ratings

To be fair, not everyone is going to need to buy a waterproof pocket flashlight, but we do think that most people should consider it. After all, what happens when the flashlight is needed to change a tire in the rain or snow? And if a person is going to use the flashlight for hunting, fishing or caving, then they’re going to need a flashlight that can hold up against significant amounts of water. Of course, the amount of water resistance is different from one brand to another, and different consumers have different needs when it comes to water resistance. Having said that, below are some of the more common water-resistance ratings and what sort of protection they offer the consumer.

How Reliably Does It Work In Cold Weather?

Another thing for the consumer to consider is whether they need the flashlight to be rated for use in cold conditions. Although it can be difficult to find a pocket flashlight that’s rated to work in cold weather, they do exist, so the consumer may want to consider them if they intend to use the flashlight in extremely cold temperatures. While many flashlights will work even when temperatures get down 20-degrees or so, only winter-rated ones will handle temperatures down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Easy Is It To Use?

It’s also important for the consumer to think about how easy the pocket flashlight is going to be to use. Some of the better models available have features that include rear-cap push button switches, clips to attach the flashlight to a belt or tool belt, hand straps and other such features that make the flashlight easier to handle and use.

The Durability Of The Light

Durability is another vital feature of any pocket flashlight. The best models are made with either impact-resistant plastic or with aluminum, two materials that keep them from breaking if they’re accidentally dropped. While no flashlight is indestructible, a good flashlight can endure a little bit of rough use.

The Price Of The Flashlight

The final consideration of any consumer should be the price of the flashlight. The consumer should try to stay within their budget and not fall for some of the hype offered by some flashlight brands. Some flashlight brands justify their expensive price tag by saying that it’s the best or the most powerful. Fortunately, the consumer can keep from falling for these claims by shopping according to the features and power they need and nothing else. Then, and only then, will they be able to buy the best pocket flashlight available?

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