Top 10 Best Outdoor TV/HDTV Antennas in 2020 – Reviews

Top on the list is an affordable yet exceptionally capable antenna. It boasts a 40-mile range that captures full-HD 1080P signals.

RCA Yagi HDTV Compact Outdoor antenna comes in a pre-assembled design that makes it easy to get together and setup and a sturdy construction that permits its use on virtually any setting without concern of damage or destruction by external factors such as weather.

The beauty about it is its unwaveringly strong reception which means that even when placed indoors or even in an attic, the signal would not dwindle.

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More and more people are cutting ties with their cable and satellite companies. That’s because using an outdoor or HD TV and a streaming device often allows the user to gain more channels at a cheaper price than even the cheapest cable company could provide.

Of course, this still leaves some people with quite the dilemma because they’ve long abandoned their old antennas when they signed on to the expensive contracts of the cable and satellite companies. Now they need to switch to a better option.

Fortunately, buying and installing an outdoor antenna is even then it has ever been in the past. These devices are not only more compact than the old mammoth antennas of the past. And another positive is that these new devices are even more powerful, and can pull in a signal from a greater distance than older models.

All of which makes it a pretty good idea to get a new one for your home. The best time to buy one of these antennas is right now, too. Prices are great and the technology is quite reliable.

Step One: Buy the Best Antenna

The first step to this whole process is to choose one of the antennas from our above list. Each of them is an ideal solution for somebody. All you have to determine is whether you want an antenna that mounts outside of your home or one that mounts inside your home. Outdoor antennas are the most powerful, so the rest of this article is written for people who purchase outdoor antennas.

There are two things that you really need to consider when choosing an antenna. The first thing to consider is the range. You’ll want to find a model that has a large enough range to pick up a signal from a nearby station, so you may need to check with an antenna signal finder app or visit a signal finder website to find the nearest stations to you.

You’ll then want to buy an antenna that at least picks up that signal. The second thing is whether the antenna is omni-directional or not. Omni-directional antennas are the best because they can pick up a signal from all directions, while standard antennas have to be turned towards a signal to pick that signal up.

Step Two: Pick a Location

The next decision you are going to have to make is to choose where to mount your antenna. And that really depends on what kind of antenna you bought. Some antennas are designed to be mounted on the outside of a window, and others require being mounted someplace where it can really pick up a signal, preferably someplace high like on the roof our on a special mount in the yard. You will also want to place the antenna in a position closest to the broadcast tower.

Step Three: Gather Your Equipment

Now, you’ll want to get together the equipment you are going to need to install your antenna. Depending on your actual installation instructions, you may need the following:

  • HDTV Antenna
  • Grounding Wire
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Roofing Screws
  • Silicone Caulk
  • Caulk Gun
  • Power Drill
  • Nail Gun
  • U-Clamp Nails

Step Four: Install Your Mounting Bracket

Read all of the instructions to your antenna and install the mounting bracket according to these directions on your roof. Use roofing screws to secure the bracket to your roof and then use the silicone caulk and your caulk gun to waterproof the screws to keep rain from getting through to your roof.

Step Five: Put Together Your Antenna

Although some antennas ship as a single piece, most of them have to be assembled to some extent. Once again, pull out your instructions and ensure that you assemble the antenna according to manufacturer’s instructions. You’re now ready to install it.

Step Six: Attach the Antenna

Slide the antenna sleeve over the bracket’s pole and secure it in place. Don’t tighten it down completely until you have made your adjustments and have it pointing in the general direction of the broadcast tower. Connect the coax cable to your antenna and run it down to your television.

You are going to need someone who is trying to tune the channels in as you are adjusting the antenna for the best possible signal. Once you determined the best position for your antenna, you can then lock it down. Turn your television off and remove the coax cable for now.

Step Seven: Finalize Installation

The first thing you are going to want to do next is to drill a hole through the siding of your house so you can run the coaxial wire to your television. Run the coaxial cable from the antenna through the hole and into the television.

Use U-Clamps and nails to secure the coaxial to your home. Make sure that the entire setup is grounded according to your manufacturer’s instructions and that you caulk the hole where the coaxial cable comes into the house.

Additional Information

It should be noted that not everyone is capable of using an outdoor antenna. If you live in the middle of a densely populated city with a lot of tall buildings, it may be difficult to get a direct signal, although you will probably have access to more channels than people living in rural areas.

It also should be noted that people who live in a valley or with a low elevation might also have problems installing an antenna. These people may not be able to install an antenna or may need to mount the antenna on an extremely tall surface such as a water tower or a large mounting pole.

And there’s one final thing that should be mentioned. You should always follow all the precautions and instructions on your HDTV. It’s imperative that it’s properly mounted and is properly grounded. If you are unsure of how to mount your new antenna, then consult a professional to help with your installation.

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