Top 10 Best Nerf Guns of 2020 – Reviews

The Strongarm Blaster features a revolving dart chamber that can hold up to six soft-tipped N-Strike Elite darts. It is among more realistically designed nerf guns and is, therefore, more enjoyable to play with.

The blaster’s rapid fire mechanism can be activated by holding down the trigger and quickly pumping the handle. This encourages children to improve their motor reflexes while they play. The nerf gun can propel the darts for distances of up to 90 feet and comes in bright, highly visible colors.

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Nerf Gun Guide

A nerf gun is the sort of toy where some people might wonder who you are buying it for, is it for the kids – or you? Because they provide hours of fun and encourage the user to get outside and run around, who can blame you for wanting to join in?

Kids can be picky though so you need to make sure you are getting the right product. They’re not all as high quality as one another but it shouldn’t be stressful or hard, finding the right Nerf gun is simple when you know a bit more about them. To help you make a purchase that will delight the kids, and last a long time, here is our buyer’s guide for nerf guns.

What To Look For In A Nerf Gun

Rapid Fire

When firing back at their friends, your kids need the ability to shoot the foam darts in quick-fire mode so they can give as good as they get. Without it, the fun just isn’t the same. The better nerf guns will give them a good range whilst still having the ability to fire 6+ darts in quick succession.

A Good Range

Depending on the size of your yard or the area these fun gadgets will be used in, the range of firing is important. Remember, they will also take them to the park or to their friend’s houses so a good range isn’t restricted to your home. Some Nerf guns allow you to fire over 90 feet away and beyond although this might not be necessary for everyone.

Included Darts

If you are purchasing their first nerf gun, you want to make sure it comes with a good amount of spare darts. There is no fun in using six then having to pick them all up before continuing. The more darts they have, the longer the kids stay in the game and use their imagination.

If the nerf gun you are looking at doesn’t come with many spare darts, you can always buy more separately.


For a kid, the last thing they want is for their nerf gun to regularly jam. Not only does this ruin the game but if it is a continual problem, it can put them off using the toy altogether. The better nerf guns will be known for their reliability so be sure to check for this when looking for the perfect option.


With nerf guns, the sky really is the limit as to what you can spend. The heavy-duty options will set you back a fair bit but there are some great entry-level nerf guns that are cost-effective. Remember, you are going to need to buy spare darts as well to make sure the fun lasts a long time.


This is where you have to think about the age of the child that will be playing with the nerf gun. There is little point in buying a heavy-duty toy that weighs 8 lbs and needs both hands to operate if the gun is bigger than they are. With smaller nerf guns available that weigh just a couple of lbs and below, there is something for every child.

Nerf Guns: Battery Powered vs Non-Battery Powered

This can make or break the game for some kids but just how important is it? Of course, a battery powered nerf gun might be more powerful and convenient but it does rely on having spares around for the fun to continue.

There is something to be said for hand-powered nerf guns. The pump action can make them feel like they are involved in the game and give a sense of urgency between firing.

Nerf Gun Safety Tips

It is always important to set some boundaries when buying a nerf gun and make sure the children in your home know how to use them properly. We always recommend reading the instructions before handing it over to smaller hands but here is a bit of advise before they get going.

Never Aim At The Face

You only have to spend a couple of seconds on a search engine to read the long list of people who have taken a trip to the hospital due to a nerf gun dart to the eye. Accidents happen but this can usually be avoided with a little common sense.

Don’t Look Down The Barrell

If there is a jam or blockage, the temptation can be to take a look yourself. At close range, a stray dart can cause a lot of damage so keep fingers away from the trigger.

Don’t Leave It Loaded When Not Being Used

Because younger kids will see a bright plastic toy, it is important to make sure the kids don’t leave darts in the nerf gun when not using it. Misfiring is a leading cause of avoidable accidents when it comes to nerf guns.

Use Safety Glasses

These are available online and are especially a good idea when you have young guests you are responsible for so buy spares. They can add a level of safety and security to help make playtime safer and more fun.

Stay Away From Roads

When playing in the front yard, it can be easy to forget your surroundings in the middle of the game and run out into the road. Make sure the kids know the boundaries and where is and is not safe to play.

Don’t Aim At Animals

This sounds obvious but kids might think it is harmless fun to aim at the cat or dog. Not only is it cruel but it can lead to expensive vet bills and a sad pet.

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