Top 10 Best Men’s Wallets of 2020 – Reviews

Every man needs a wallet in this day and age, be it a sophisticated one or a common, basic model with a more practical design. Although we say this, some of the more sophisticated wallets out there are also quite practical, even though you might spend an awful lot of time finding one to feature the best of both worlds. To save you the trouble, we put together a list of the best wallets for men the market has to offer, wallets that stand out for all the right reasons. As long as you take the time to learn what makes a good wallet so as to figure out which model best suits your needs, you are bound to find one just for you amidst the galaxy of choices you get at this point in time. So without further ado, here are the ten best men’s wallets money can buy.

Best Men’s Wallets – Reviews

10Estalon RFID Trifold Wallet

As elegant as it is durable, this Estalon Trifold Wallet has an ideal design for holding your credit cards and cash in style. Crafted from 100% genuine leather, it features a paper bills compartment, 6 credit/business cards slots, an ID window, and a small document compartment. At the same time, an integrated functional RFID-barring technology helps protect your personal electronic data. All things considered, this wallet is ideal for any men in need of a stylish, valuable billfold. Not just for its practical design but also for its peculiar yet very stylish aesthetics.

9Serman Brands RFID-Blocking Wallets

Crafted from authentic top-grade leather, the slim Serman Brands bifold features a simple yet elegant vintage design. A front pocket is meant for holding your most used cards while it also has a small, firm ID window and four easy-access pockets on the inside. As such, it can comfortably hold about 10 cards and also some paper bills. Not only that but its pull-tab feature allows you to access any credit cards you need with ease. We should also point out that this particular wallet further integrates an RFID-protection for keeping hackers from accessing your private information on your electronic cards.

8HOJ Co. SKULL Wallet

HOJ Co. SKULL is a singular bifold wallet whose design is a proud statement of your bold independence. Made of quality full-grain leather, it has a skull graphic embossed on the outside surface and a “Regret Nothing” printed on its inner canvas lining. It offers 8 interior card slots, 2 receipt pockets, and 2 ID windows for you to use. With its burnished look exuding a vintage appeal, this is an ideal pocketbook for truckers, rockers, or bikers who need to carry their ID(s), cards, and money securely in great style.

7Delante All-in-One Mens Wallet

The Delante All-in-1 is a long bifold for men, made of 100 percent quality leather and features a slim profile for holding your personal essentials. It even boasts a large pocket for securing a smartphone. With functional RFID-blocking built into it, it is made of Zeugma full grain leather for extreme durability. If you need a wallet that can hold virtually anything a man needs, go Delante and get it all secured in a single wallet billfold. We don’t just say this due to its ingenious design but also as a result of its sturdy construction which we consider to be one of the very best.

6SlimFold Minimalist Wallet

Featuring a rather thinner design relative to typical men’s wallet models, this SlimFold’s billfold helps you organize even 20 cards altogether yet still keep its slim profile. Thanks to its ingenious design, you don’t even have to remove it as you sit in your car or on a restaurant chair. A highly popular wallet, it is made of a soft-shell material, which makes it not only very durable but also with a waterproofing capability. Furthermore, due to its RFID integrated feature, the SlimFold Minimalist protects your credit and smart cards details from fraudsters.

5MUTBAK Bunker Men’s Wallet

As well as a money clip, the Mutbak Bunker is a billfold made of quality full-grain leather that is very durable and stylish. A piece of this leather extends on one side to form a money clip. Inside, you can also store up to 10 paper money bills and 8 credit/business cards. The wallet has a minimalist design that offers convenience while remaining big enough for securing most of your daily items. At the same time, it has a built-in RFID protection feature for keeping your cards details out of access by cyber-fraudsters.

4Alpine Swiss Minimalist Wallet

From the world-renowned Alpine Swiss, this is a thin yet highly durable wallet offering a simple way to carry the ID and several debit cards safely. Benefitting from a waterproof construction, it can hold up to 8 various cards at once while remaining about one third the thickness of majority other leather-made billfolds. It also comes in several color options and has optional RFID-protection for keeping your electronic card details safe. All things considered, it is perhaps one of the most practical wallets on the market today.

3Spec-Ops Brand T.H.E. Wallet J.R.

Equally durable and useful, this is yet another great men’s wallet. The first thing you notice about it is that it features a shark-bite closure, thus being easy to open/close. This wallet also features an outer ID window made of quality plastic and another on the inside where 5 various slots for credit or business cards make it rather versatile. Each of these slots can secure 2 cards at the same time, a nice feature to have in a modern wallet. On a related note, we should also point out that it features a small veiled pouch beside a bills-holding deep section and a zippered compartment for securing large denomination currency notes.

2Mt. Eston RFID Blocking Trifold/Bifold Wallet

This exquisite men’s wallet is made of 100 percent genuine leather, handcrafted for quality assurance and a classic style for good measure. It features a total of no less than 18 pockets: 11 for holding credit, business, or donor cars; 4 over-sized pockets; 2 for securing paper currency; and an ID window. The wallet is large enough to hold all a guy needs in this day and age, including small electronic devices or jewelry. It also has to be said that it integrates a military-class RFID barring technology for protecting digital data on credit cards or smart IDs.

1Leopardd Mens Wallet

Made of premium-grade full-grain cowhide, the Leopardd Men’s billfold is crafted to not just look elegant but also endure for much longer than most. Durability and style aside, this wallet has nine well-designed slots: six for cards, two others positioned under the former for clash holding, and one ID window. It further has high-tech security features integrated for deterring thieves from accessing personal credit card digital information by blocking RFID signals. Overall, this is perhaps one of the very best men’s wallets the market has to offer at this point in time.

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