Top 10 Best Hiking Pants of 2020 – Reviews

You don’t have to be an experienced hiker to recognize the importance of proper hiking gear, especially if you are fond of doing it when the weather isn’t exactly hiking-friendly. As a matter of fact, that is one of the most important aspects one should consider when buying hiking gear – the capacity to withstand extreme or partially inconvenient weather conditions. In this respect, it is imperative that you wear the most protective yet comfortable apparel money can buy, especially when it comes to your hands and feet.

Fortunately for you, the market has quite a lot to offer in regards to clothes and footwear, even more so when it comes to pants. When it comes to hiking pants, you have to bear in mind that although they’re not exactly fashionable by traditional standards, they do keep up with the trends to some extent. Then again, that isn’t the intended purpose of hiking pants in the first place. Instead, a good pair of hiking pants has to be both protective and comfortable, not to mention flexible and sturdy. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best hiking pants the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Hiking Pants – Reviews

10Free Soldier Fleece Lined Men SoftShell Pants

Free Soldier is a brand well-known for designing premium-quality outdoor gear and these fleece-lined hiking pants show us exactly why that is. These pants are great not only for hiking but for camping or fishing as well, no matter the weather. This is because their inner lining fleece-tech fabric is antistatic and breathable, keeping you warm without getting you clammy. On the outside, the outer waterproof material is repellent to spills, stains, and dirt; as well as being able to withstand typical water damage, thus keeping you dry and warm even when the weather gets particularly wet.

9Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Convertible Lightweight Hiking Pants

Featuring a bright, block theme design and a relatively slim cut construction that includes a flexible waistline plus inlaid belt, these hiking pants are sure to keep you looking great and warm while you scale the trails, even in cold weather. They also feature zippered pockets for keeping your hands off the cold and also securing your small valuables. At the same time, their double-layer construction repels water and withstands wind superbly. Not only that but down at the leg’s bottom, we find side zippers for aiding easy wear or removal.

8Binhome Windproof Hiking Ski Pants

These Binhome Hiking Ski Pants are a lightweight softshell model, flexible and simple to move in. Their warm inner lining keeps you warm even when the temperatures drop, mostly due to the fact that they feature a sturdy build integrating a heat-trapping soft polyester inner layer and a light-to-the-touch water-resistant outer layer. Although not fully waterproof, the exterior layer offers fair water resistance. The pants also have zippered pockets for keeping your accessories safe at all times.

7TBMPOY Men’s Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants

A sure hit with most hikers, the TBMPOY Men Outdoor Hiking Pants feature a classic look, making them popular for everyday wear just like they are for dedicated hiking. Made of 95 percent quality cotton, they are comfortable to wear and also have durable cargo pockets for holding anything you require for a full day on the mountain trail. Although a bit stiff at first, these durable pants streamline shortly afterward and are built to stand up to the outdoor abuse and repeated wash cycles without fading.

6Huntvp Women’s Quick Drying Hiking Pants

A great choice for women hikers, the Huntvp tactical pants are designed with a hint of law enforcement and military-styled performance. They feature an adjustable waistline for a comfortable, custom fit and also have handy zip-closure front pockets for good measure. At the same time, an integrated sturdy metal alloy zipper and snap button plus a mounted stopper add to these pants’ performance and overall value. We should also point out that they are reliably water resistant to an impressive standard.

5Kryptek Valhalla Highlander Hiking Pants

Featuring full-length and double-direction functional zippers on both sides for safe access to pockets, these Kryptek pants will work for any man looking for great hiking pants. An integrated lightweight belt snuggly cinches around your waist for a convenient, secure fit, and can be easily handled with gloved hands. More so, these pants enjoy a top-shelf waterproof feature for repelling water, making rainwater run over fast across their surface instead of soaking.

4Anlamb Women’s Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Pants

With a slimmer outline compared to the more traditional models of snow pants, these Anlamb Waterproof Hiking pants provide a great fit, along with great comfort and durability. The waterproof outer shell and inner fleece lining make these pants ideal for a day out hiking regardless of the weather—come rain, sunshine, or snow. They are also built to withstand gusty winds excellently. Overall, these pants are some of the best options available for women hikers.

3Kryptek Men’s Vellus Hiking Pants

Kryptek Men’s Vellus Pants are a high-quality hiking pants choice featuring micro fleece-tech inner and outer lining, making them warm yet quiet and thus ideal for a contemplative hiking day. Well cut pockets and a fairly water-resistant soft outer lining render these pants ideal for hiking in cold weather, thanks mainly to a base layer that offers great insulation. At the same time, their pockets have zippered closures, which is great considering that these pants boast a high-end windproof design for further keeping the cold at bay if the temperatures drop.

2Columbia Sportswear Women’s Saturday Trail Pant

If it’s too cold for shorts yet too warm to use full pants, these Columbia Women’s Trail Pants might just be the right choice. They roll up and snap securely in place, converting to capris quite easily. They also feature a slim cut and stop just above boot level for an incorporated pant line, allowing a free motion range throughout different types of hiking terrain. It also has to be said that their durable construction withstands even rockier terrain quite easily, which is a great feature to have if you’re an experienced hiker.

1Arctix Men’s Snow Sports Cargo Pants

Seen as some of the best rated hiking pants options out there, the Arctix Men’s Cargo pants will keep you warm thanks to a reinforced waistline, ankles, and boot gaiters, along with a great heat-trapping ThermaTech insulation. Lightweight and not too bulky, these pants benefit from an adjustable waistline for providing a custom fit. At the same time, they are made of durable materials and feature a D-ring attachment for securing keys or gloves safely while you hike. They also have multiple well-zippered pockets to keep your hands safe from the cold weather outside and to help store your valuables.

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