Top 10 Best Electric Razors for Women in 2020 – Reviews

This shaver is suited to both wet and dry use, which is without a doubt part of the reason it is so popular in the market. However, the fact that it can provide superior shaving results is a huge benefit for many women.

The shaver is very versatile, and it can do a smooth and superb job without causing any burns or irritation to the skin. It’s cordless operation, durability, and decent battery life is also a huge plus.

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A Guide To Electric Razor’s For Women

We don’t think that anyone can doubt the effectiveness and ease-of-use that women’s electric razors offer. They not only make the job of shaving legs and underarm areas a lot easier to do, but they also allow those areas to be shaven without the irritation that’s often caused by disposable razors. But that’s only the case if the consumer takes the time to buy the best electric razor that’s available. And as is often the case, that can be some that are sometimes difficult for some people to sort out.

That’s why we wanted to write this guide today. In this guide, we’ll take about some of the features that women should look for when they’re choosing a new electric razor. By adhering to the following tips, consumers will more easily find a razor that will suit their needs and deliver a close shave that never irritates. Having said that, let’s get started.

Decide On Foil Or Rotary Electric Shaver

The first thing that anyone should consider when they’re buying an electric razor is whether they need to buy a rotary or foil shaver. Before we can determine which one is more suited to women’s hair or the areas they have to shave, we first have to examine each of these different types of razors to see where they excel, so let’s get started with that bit. Rotary shavers are designed with three to four heads, which move easily in a circular motion. Below these heads are cutters that move over the skin and help to cut hair. Generally speaking, these types of razors are generally good for long stubble or medium to coarse hair or tough skin. Foil Shavers, on the other hand, have a curved thin metal foil that covers the shaver’s cutting blade. As this shaver moves across the skin, the foil hugs the contours of the skin and it shaves stubble that comes through the perforated outer foil. This makes it better for thinner, shorter hair or for individuals who shave every day. As a result, for most women, it’s probably best to go with a foil razor or a rotary one for everyday shaving.

Rotary Electric Shaver

  • Shaves medium to coarse hair.
  • Not suitable for day-to-day shaving.

Foil Electric Shaver

  • Shaves light to medium hair.
  • Suitable for day-to-day shaving.

Make Sure The Razor Is Suitable For Wet Shaving

If wet shaving is important to the user, then they are probably going to want to make sure that they buy an electric razor that’s designed to be used in the shower or the tub. As inconceivable as it sounds, there are still some razors that are not designed for wet shaving, so most consumers are probably going to want to avoid those razors if they intend on shaving in the tub.

Is The Electric Razor Rechargeable Does It Use Disposable Batteries?

Leaving corded electric razors out of the discussion for the moment, electric razors only come in one of two other versions: rechargeable and battery-powered models. Both types are great for shaving on the go, but models that use batteries tend to go through a lot of them through the course of shaving. That’s not to say that rechargeable models don’t have their drawbacks as well, however. If rechargeable shavers are recharged too often, then their built-in batteries eventually lose their ability to retain their charge. Even so, however, rechargeable batteries usually are more economical to use in the long run than battery-powered models.

Self Cleaning Razors

Although not all consumers are going to need to buy a self-cleaning razor—especially since that feature usually contributes to the shaver having an increased price tag. With that being said, a self-cleaning feature makes the shaver a lot easier to use, especially when it is combined with a charger feature so that the razor can be cleaned and charged at the same time.

Make Sure That It’s Made Specifically For Women

The last step in choosing the best electric shaver for a woman is to choose one that’s specifically marketed for women. Although we understand that might be an obvious suggestion, far too many women choose a razor that’s not designed for their specific needs and as a result, end up getting an inferior shave, ingrown hair or razor burn. Therefore, the consumer should always make sure that they buy one that’s made for and marketed towards women. That will ensure that they’re going to get a razor that works for them.

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