Top 10 Best Electric Blankets To Keep You Warm in 2020

The Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket comes with an EasySet Pro controller that allows you to select from ten different heat settings. It also features a unique 10-hour automatic shut off function that ensures you won’t get disturbed if the blanket gets too hot, keeping you warm throughout the night.

Made from 100% polyester with a quilted channel design, this blanket monitors and adjusts the level of warmth and keeps it consistent to give you proper relaxation and comfort. Easy to maintain, it is machine washable and can also be dried in the machine without any risks of damaging it over time.

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Electric Blanket Buying Guide

Although blankets have been used for thousands of years by people all over the world who wanted to keep warm on cold winter nights, they didn’t get an official upgrade until electric models were created in the early 20th century. For quite a few years after their creation, they stayed pretty much the same, but over the following 115+ years, they would begin to be made with more sophisticated designs that made them more energy-efficient and safer to use. Nowadays, there are dozens of different models available to the average person, and they all claim to be the warmest and best electric blanket available.

Of course, it just isn’t possible for all of these electric blankets to be the best. There can be significant differences between different brands, so the consumer should do their due diligence to ensure that they get a quality electric blanket. We know that this can be a gargantuan task, so we decided to do some legwork and find out the features that the best electric blankets have. And with that information in hand, we wrote the following guide.

Safety Should Be The First Priority

A lot of guides have been written on how to buy the best electric blankets, but most of them start with the softness of the blanket or what material it’s made from. Although we do feel that those are important considerations for any consumer before they purchase one of the blankets, it isn’t the most important feature found on them. The most important feature is how safe the blanket is when used by the consumer. After all, softness is nice but it doesn’t count for much if the blanket malfunctions and starts a fire. To avoid a potential tragedy, consumers need to choose a blanket that’s UL-listed and has an automatic shutoff feature. That will ensure that the blanket is as safe as possible.

Choose One With Adequate Temperature Controls

When electric blankets were first invented, they didn’t have temperature settings but were simply on when they were plugged in. Later models would begin to use a temperature dial that allowed the user to adjust the temperature of the blanket according to personal preferences. Although this was a major innovation for these blankets, many people found that dials were too easy to bump, which would then cause a change in temperature. Many blankets still use dials, so it’s still a choice, but we found that models with digital controls were the easiest to control.

Make Sure It Has Plenty Of Heat Options

Any interested in being able to choose their heat level is going to want to make sure their electric blanket has plenty of heating options. Having a wide array of options when it comes to heat levels can mean the difference between feeling like you’re being cooked alive or feeling like you’ve been tossed in the freezer. How many heating options should a good electric blanket have? Although we can’t directly answer that question because it depends on the personal preferences of the user, we do feel that a basic electric blanket should have at least 3 heat settings, if not 5. Some of the best blankets available have 10 heat levels, so that’s something some people may want to consider. And when choosing an adjustable electric blanket, the user should always try to get one with a preheat option for best results.

The Blanket Should Be Made Of High-Quality Materials

It’s also important that the blanket that’s chosen is made out of a material that will hold up to night-after-night of use, but one that’s also machine washable and easy to maintain. There are a lot of electric blankets with covers that can only be hand-washed, and trust us when we tell you that those blankets can be a pain to maintain. A machine-washable cover, on the other hand, is easier to maintain, so the user can always keep it clean and fresh smelling. And while we’re on the topic, the material used in the blanket should be nice and soft. After all, who wants a scratchy and/or rough blanket?

Some Final Features To Think About

Once the consumer has selected an electric cover that’s safe, easy-to-control, is equipped with several temperature settings and is made of high-quality materials, it’s time for the consumer to think about other features they might want their blanket to have. Although the following features aren’t necessary for an electric blanket to be considered one of the best, they can mean the difference between merely a good blanket and a great one. Let’s take a quick look at them right now.

  • Consider the length of the blankets cord
  • Consider whether it’s a name brand blanket or not
  • Consider whether it has dual-control options and zones
  • Consider whether you need remote control operation of the blanket

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