Top 10 Best Car Wash Soaps of 2020 – Reviews

This car wash soap will do a lot more than get your car clean – it will also condition the paintwork. But to be honest, its impressive cleaning ability is where its greatest strengths lie. Meguiar’s G7164 can remove even the toughest forms of dirt, including road grime.

But even when so effective against all kinds of dirt, this car wash soap will still ensure that your car’s wax remains in place. The cleaning solution can also make the car’s paint a little more radiant than it was previously. All this should help explain why this car wash soap has so easily won the hearts of many car owners.

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Car Wash Soap Guide

To give your car a thorough clean, a quality car wash soap is a must. Not only do the better products help to lift stains, bugs, debris, and just about everything else you find on your bonnet, but it can leave it with a sparkle that sets it up for a layer of wax should you wish to use it next.

The problem is, a car wash soap needs to be more than just washing detergent and the better products will have ingredients tailored towards making light work of washing your car. The following is your way of making sure you can identify the good products.

What To Look For In A Car Wash Soap


A good froth and foam content will make life a lot easier as they help to lift dirt when you scrub. The thicker and longer-lasting they are the better. They also help you to identify the areas you have washed and what needs attention.


It doesn’t have to have a fine bouquet of complicated notes but the more pleasant the scent, the less of a chore it is going to be to use. Some products have a reputation of smelling like strong chemicals whereas others give you a fresh orange scent among other types. You can also buy unscented car wash soap which is preferable for a lot of people.


Because you are going to be washing the car wash soap away, it has to go somewhere. This is usually down the nearest drain but whether it trickles there or stays in a puddle for a while, the formula should be eco-friendly. This ensures it does not harm the environment and helps keep your conscience clear.


When you wipe the wash and rinse you don’t want to be left with less dirt but more streaks. This won’t make the car look clean and will scream of a job poorly done. The better products include specialist ingredients to make sure it leaves no white marks or unsightly streak marks that leave it looking worse than before.

pH Level

Any reputable car wash soap will get this right as the pH level affects both the effectiveness of the product when it comes to cleaning, and how kind it is on paintwork and other car parts. A product with a well-balanced pH level will give you a neutral amount of alkalinity that doesn’t compromise the quality of the wash or your vehicle.

Increased Shine

This is what everyone wants as they wash their car, a lasting shine. The best car wash soap will ensure the vehicle is sparkling and has a shine that is still there well beyond the net morning. Anything that promises a glossy finish will serve you well.

Easy Rinsing

Some of the low-quality formulas can stick to the paintwork and you might find it hard to rinse them off. This is especially the case when there is wax combined with the wash but even still, go for a product that is known to be easy to rinse and you’ll spend less time trying to get it off.

Concentrated Vs Non-Concentrated Car Wash Soap

The pros and cons of each make it difficult to decide which to go for but a lo will depend on how often you wash your car. If it is a frequent job you undertake then a concentrated car wash soap might be best.

This allows you to mix it with water and use it time and again. Having said that, a lot of people like the convenience of being able to pour the formula and for it to be good to go. The main thing is the brand you use contains the right ingredients and will help leave your car in top condition.

All In One Car Wash Soap

Some products combine car wash soap and car wax to make it easy to give your vehicle a great finish without needing two layers. Not only does this save you the elbow grease and time but it leaves the car with a great shine that should last a long time.

It can be hard to find a quality product that does both well but many people like the fact that it halves the time it takes to wash and protect their car.


The better car wash soaps will make it easy for you to complete the job without a lot of fuss. The cheapest product is certainly not the best here, only the ones that give you all the above so your car looks its best for a long time.

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