Top 10 Best Baseball Gloves in 2020 – Reviews

Performance is among the many benefits users of this Rawlings baseball glove can expect; and that is because it comes with a Basket Web pattern that makes it more flexible that most other alternatives. Intended for players of between 3 and 5 years, the glove is designed to give an easy time to beginners through its natural fit, comfort, and great feel.

The superior durability the glove has to offer also means your child can use it for quite a while before it starts to fall apart, forcing you to get a replacement. As a bonus, the glove also comes with a ball.

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Baseball Gloves Guide

When it comes to throwing a ball around the park or finding something to take America’s pastime more seriously, a quality baseball glove is an important tool that helps you improve your game and get the most enjoyment out of playing.

If you are new to Baseball, or just want to make sure you make a sensible purchase, you need to know everything there is to know about baseball gloves. To make life easier, and to make sure you don’t buy something that is going to start to fray within a month or so, the following guide will help.

What To Consider When Buying A Baseball Glove


This isn’t necessarily the materials, but more the areas that you need to be made a little better. Expect the glove to be made slightly different to meet the needs of your position – see pocket-size to see how this can change depending on where you are in the field.

Left or Right

Of course, you need to keep your throwing hand free and should choose the correct glove accordingly. RHT and LHT mean right-hand thrower, and left-hand thrower so this should be the first thing you check before purchasing. This means you will wear the glove on the opposite hand to your throwing hand.

Pocket Size

This is an important aspect of any baseball glove as the bigger the pocket, the more forgiving it will be when catching. This isn’t necessarily beneficial and a lot will depend on the position you play in. Certain players such as the shortstop will need a smaller pocket that is better for fast releasing. An outfielder might prefer a bigger pocket as catching is their main aim.

Some are made to be multipurpose baseball glove which is better for beginners which sits somewhere in the middle.


This affects how the baseball glove is built and some will allow more movement which will be important for the likes of an infielder who needs to move the ball fast. Outfielders need more visibility so the webbing will be open. The better the glove is attached and the more quality you get in the webbing, the longer it is going to last so for an amateur, this is going to be important.

A pitcher will prefer a closed or basket webbing to allow them to disguise their pitch. Alternatively, certain fielders might prefer a web design that helps them pick out a ball in the sun or the lights as they get that level of protection when it comes to visibility.


For some people, this is the first thing they look to. The better quality the materials, the more reliable the glove is likely to be and you should also expect more durability. Full-grain leather is often a good sign of a quality baseball glove and is easier to break-in if pre-treated. Some gloves might remain tough for too long and spoil your enjoyment.

Synthetic gloves might be eye-catching for their pricing but tougher to break-in.


The two most common types of wrists on a baseball glove are velcro and D-ring. Velcro is great because of how easy it is to adjust and it means it will fit a variety of sizes. Whatever you decide, make sure you get something that keeps everything secure so it doesn’t let you down at the crucial moment.

Choose A Baseball Glove That Fits

This might seem like the most obvious advice out there but you will be surprised as to how many people get this wrong. Get this wrong and expect an uncomfortable stay in the field that will also affect performance.

A comfortable glove should also be comfortable in terms of price. Don’t break the bank if you can’t afford it as there are plenty of quality products on the market that will give you what you need for a fraction of the price of the elite baseball gloves.

Should I Choose A Baseball Glove That Is Broken In?

For many people, the break-in period is short lived, especially when buying a treated leather glove. Some products can be pre-broken in when purchasing. This makes it super comfortable from the first use and makes life that little bit easier from the get-go.

If you choose not to go down this route then be patient with your baseball glove of choice as it might not be what you expect straight away.

Whatever you do, go for a product made from quality materials to make sure you get value for money and a durable baseball glove that lasts a long time.

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