Top 10 Best Audiophile Headphones of 2020 – Reviews

Lightweight aluminum coils and Neodymium ferrous magnets are just two of the high-quality components which make these audiophile headphones extremely useful to just about anyone. The magnet system in these headphones is computer optimized to minimize intermodulation distortion and to maximize performance. They also have an elegant designed that finished in black and grey and have open metal-mesh earpiece covers that make them truly unique. These headphones also have an oxygen-free copper cable that’s detachable and is Kevlar reinforced for durability. Designed to produce natural and accurate sound, these headphones can be enjoyed by audiophiles, audio technicians or anyone who wants to get the most from their music.

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Buying The Best Audiophile Headphones

The term audiophile is one that often gets a bad rap. It’s a term that’s associated with individuals who take their music listening seriously—perhaps, too seriously. To put it another way, the word audiophile is a term that has a bit of a negative connotation among some people. We’re not sure why, but we suspect that many people think of audiophiles as music snobs who are intent on telling the rest of us not only what we should listen to but how we should listen to it. We have a different take on the situation, however, and look upon the word audiophile more favorable.

To us, the term audiophile means striving for absolutely the best music experience possible. An experience that transcends the bonds of this mortal realm and puts us in a state of pure bliss. And for that to happen, you have to choose the best audiophile headphones possible. Unfortunately, that’s a task that’s not as easy as it sounds and requires the average person to put away their misconceptions about audiophile headphones and open themselves to the possibilities offered by these wonderful devices. A process that we hope this guide can facilitate, even if it is only in some small way.

Although many people will come to this article, find a pair of headphones that they like from our top list of the best audiophile headphones and then buy them, we also want to offer our readers a different choice. We want to offer our readers the chance to understand how these headphones work and what they should be looking for when they choose a pair. In that way, they can find a pair of headphones that match their listening preferences, regardless of whether they call themselves an audiophile or not.

In this guide, we hope to talk about some of the more important features offered by audiophile headphones, so our readers can find a pair that they’ll enjoy for many years to come. A pair of headphones that will transport them to a different sphere where music and life collide. After all, once a person uses a pair of these headphones, they will never want to buy an inferior pair of headphones ever again.

The Most Important Feature Found On Audiophile Headphones

Before we get into the individual features that a consumer should search for when buying a new pair of these headphones, we want to talk about the most important feature of all: Flat Response. Flat response is a term used to describe when an audio system or pair of headphones outputs all of its frequencies equally. That means that the equipment doesn’t fudge with the original audio signal pulled from the source. No particular frequency is halved or boosted, so the listener gets to listen to an authentic reproduction of their favorite music. And this is why audiophile headphones are not only suitable for individuals who want to listen to their music the way their favorite artists intended on it being listened to but is also good for studio purposes—where a flat sound is better for working out various mixing situations.

The Headphone’s Sound Drivers

With most headphones, the larger the sound driver, the better the sound, but things are a bit different with audiophile headphones. These headphones aren’t simply interested in reproducing “more” sound, but they want to accurately represent the sound derived from the audio source. Therefore, some of the best audiophile headphones available are the ones that are made with rare Earth elements, or aluminum coils and Neodymium ferrous magnets. The best headphones use computers to accurately design these components down to a very fine level, so the consumer gets the most accurate sound reproduction possible. And as far as speaker size goes, the consumer should look for sound drivers that are at least 40mm or higher to ensure the best sound expression possible.

The Headphone’s Cord

Yes, when it comes to these types of headphones, even the cable matters. To ensure the best transmission of the electrical impulses from the audio source to the sound drivers, consumers should look for headphones that feature oxygen-free copper, otherwise known as OFC copper. OFC copper is a highly conductive copper alloy that has had its oxygen levels reduced to .001% or lower. What’s so great about this material? This material reduces the possibility of possible audio signal transmission, which simply means that the sound signal is transmitted over this material and doesn’t degrade in any way during the transmission possible. This results in better sound reproduction.

Closed Or Open Back Headphones?

For years, electronic and audio magazines have recommended that audiophiles choose open-back headphones for the best listening experience. And that’s because with open-back headphone the sound output from the drivers don’t bounce off the earcups and bounce back towards the drivers, which can result in distortion issues. The rationale is that by allowing the sound to escape through the back of the headphones, the music can better breathe. Although that is true, the problem is that many open-back headphones allow outside sounds to leak into the earcups, and this can also result in music distortion to the listener.

Fortunately, many of the newer headphones for audiophiles fix the problems that closed-back headphones with distortion in some clever ways. One way they do that is by using Gorilla glass and special chambers that absorb sound to collect all of that sound and prevent it from bouncing around and back towards the driver. This works exceptionally well at improving the audio’s precision, but these technologies also can greatly inflate the price of the headphones. In our experience, if the consumer doesn’t want to spend the extra cash on these closed-back headphones, then there are plenty of open-back headphones that do a great job of allowing music to breathe and do it while preventing outside sound from leaking in. We’ve even listed a few of these headphones on our top list.

Choose High-Impedance Headphones

When most people choose headphones, they ignore the impedance specifications listed by the manufacturer. And that’s a shame because this is probably the most important feature to consider when buying a new pair of headphones for audiophiles. Most ordinary headphones that people frequently buy have an impedance of 50 ohms or less, which is fine for most people. Headphones in this impedance range sound just fine when used to play music over a standard radio or smartphone. However, for most audiophiles, headphones in this impedance range just aren’t going to cut it. That’s because if they want to get the most out of their high-end stereo system, then they are going to need something with a bit more kick. Audiophiles who are interested in getting the best sound out of their headphones are going to want to choose headphones in the 300 to the 600-ohm range.

Audiophile Headphone Can Be Used By Everyone

The above points will allow anyone to buy the best audiophile headphones possible. And we think that everyone, and not just audiophiles, should check out these headphones. This is especially true if the want to listen to their music the way the artist intended and without distortion.

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