Top 10 Balance Boards Reviewed and Rated

The Indo Board is the leading market brand of balance boards. The deck is 30 inches by 18 inches and comes with a 6.5-inch plastic cylindrical roller.

The Indo Board was originally designed for surfers to train outside of the water. But it was quickly recognized for its versatility and wide range of training uses. In addition to being the leading board for balancing exercises, it is also a great leg strengthener, core stabilizer, and fun addition to use as a prop for working out. It provides a step up in challenge when it comes to balancing.

The challenge element comes from the size of the board in comparison to the base and because the base is not attached. The user balances on the deck by distributing the weight from side to side of the roller. As the user moves, the base moves as well. It is great for beginners, but even the most advanced users can explore more challenging exercises with it as well. This makes it one of the best balance boards for all levels.

The deck of the Indo Board mimics the shape of a surfboard. It has the most surface area of all the other balancer boards on this list. Unlike other models, the roller on the Indo Board works equally well on a variety surface.
The Balance board is an extremely durable board that will be able to handle all sorts of rough treatment. The hardwood deck carries a non-slip coating and the plastic roller is nearly indestructible.
The Indo has a range of price points on their boards, but the Original is the most cost-effective. It is among the most expensive board out there, but it comes from the most established and renowned company in the Balance Board market. That’s why action and board sport enthusiasts everywhere have trusted this brand for decades.

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