Top 10 Ankle Support Braces Reviewed and Rated

There are several different models of ankle support braces available that cover a variety of injuries and concerns. Each ankle brace boasts of its own effectiveness, comfort, and stability. When it comes to an ankle brace, the size you pick up really does matter. It won’t be as effective if it does not properly fit your foot. You should always follow all instructions on how to use it as well.

Ankle tape, on the other hand, is used most often by athletes and actually costs more to tape then it does to purchase an ankle brace. The tape cannot be reused so you will constantly have to be buying tape rather than just keep using the best ankle support.

Now let’s mention ankle braces made for specific sports. Running and ankle pain seem to go hand in hand. The constant pounding on the joints can have a cumulative effect that may cause Achilles tendon damage, shin splints, or worse. There are a number of things that runners can do to minimize their risk of an ankle injury. These include running on softer surfaces such as grass and dirt, wearing shoes that have been orthopedically designed for their gait type, replacing their shoes regularly, and doing proper warm-up exercises. However, the most effective way to prevent sprains and strains, as well as providing relief for existing injuries, is to wear adequate support. Ankle braces provide the best protection for runners from sprains and strains to the Achilles area. Finding the most effective ankle brace for your running needs, however, is no easy task. The market is literally swamped with all manner of ankle braces, each claiming to be the ideal product for your running needs.

Did you know that 40% of all basketball-related injuries are ankle sprains? While, you can and should strengthen your ankles with specialized training devices such as wobble boards, the best way to prevent an injury is to wear a support brace. It will absorb the impact of landing and prevent ankle roll. You will also gain confidence when you enter the court with a sore ankle.
When you are shopping for basketball support for your ankles, you need to consider the fit, comfort, and durability. There are a vast number of options on the market, making it difficult to know which ones to choose. That’s why I’ve gone to the effort to review in-depth the premium ankle brace and supports for basketball players in my Best Ankle Braces for Basketball Reviews 2019. If you’re serious about staying in the game, you have got to check it out.

Volleyball places a lot of demands on the ankles. More than any other sport, you are jumping, pivoting and landing constantly. If you’re playing without an ankle brace then you are courting injury. When it comes to ankle support for volleyball, your options are varied. Sock model braces are very popular, giving you the ability to slide them on and off easily. Mechanical model bracing is a wraparound model that is secured to the base of the foot with a mechanical stirrup. Some braces are also filled with air-cells to enhance healing and decrease swelling post-injury.

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