The Best Nootropics As Pre-Workouts

Our final pick is an all herbal supplement that introduces ingredients we have not examined yet and aims to improve your cognitive function throughout the day as well as giving you an edge when you work out or play a sport.

Ingredients, according to the Onnit website, include:

Bacopa-a plant that grows wild in India, where people use it to boost their memory and live longer lives.

Cat’s Claw-a plant native to the Amazon rainforest, it is supposed to strengthen the immune system.

Huperzia Serrata- this extract comes from the northern firmoss plant. It makes more of a chemical called acetylcholine available for your brain to use. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter responsible for muscle contractions, pain response, REM sleep, and the proper running of your endocrine system. The idea behind giving your brain more acetylcholine is to help you build strength through more efficient muscle contraction.

Oat straw-improves cognitive functioning in healthy users demonstrated in some lab tests.

We found writeups of several small studies that partially validate the use of Bacopa for decreasing memory loss. there is no evidence that cat’s claw can improve performance or immunity, according to the NIH. Huperzia is actually used to treat Alzheimer’s in China, but not in the U.S. Clinical trials are sparse and use small sample groups, so conclusions are unclear.

Finally, we are happy to report that there are clinical studies, more than just one, linking oat straw or Avena sativa to healthy cognitive functioning.

So. Is Alpha Brain a good supplement? Yeah, we think so. At least some of the ingredients will improve your focus and performance, while others have not been proven in lab tests. If it seems like we gave you a lot of information for a product with just four plant-based ingredients, it’s because we were making a point. Stacking ingredients, the way some makers do, makes it more and more difficult to track down the validity of each one. It gets worse when you consider some of these ingredients may interact in ways the average person wouldn’t know. So while we give every supplement and maker a chance, we also will always tell you to beware of the overpriced and overstuffed supplement trick.

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