The Best Compression Socks for Edema

Materials and Breathability should work in harmony.

Breathability had to be part of the sock design resulting from innovative design and the use of the best materials for ensuring a good consistent level of breathability. We looked at socks which when marketed, the makers are very clear that they have factored in breathability while designing and creating the sock.

Material matter, the wrong use of materials will lead to a product failing to perform.

While looking at materials we wanted to see evidence of the use of natural materials which are known for high performance, we found this in the Rockay socks, the use of very high quality sourced merino wool and this is why these socks are the top choice. Natural materials have been around longer than synthetics and they are known as tried and tested. When we see natural materials incorporated into technical weaving to give very high compression values we are impressed.

Weaving quality wool to increase support along with stability, while technically weaving to promote wick-ability, ventilation, and protection, means that a natural product is taken and used perfectly. The durability of high-quality wool is beyond doubt.

The use of synthetic materials also deserves positive review because modern day synthetics comfortably mimic the performance of natural fibers when they are at the right level of quality and in the right weaved combination with other synthetics. A nice blend is to see synthetic materials used in combination with natural fibers, the best of both options.

You will see in our list we have carefully reviewed and come-up with a good wide selection of socks so that you can look at choosing those which best suit your needs, taste, and aims.

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