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One of the most common and preventable mistakes lifters make when deadlifting is rounding or curling their back. Moderate rounding throughout your upper back is okay, but it will be an issue when this occurs throughout your lower back or when your back starts to look like a lot like a boomerang. This happens a lot with lifters who are inexperienced. It also puts a lot of stress throughout your entire spine, which can end up causing a back injury like herniation of a disc.

Rounding of the back usually has one or more causes:

1. Setting up poorly: It is important to make sure that your back is in a flat position; try to picture yourself squeezing a softball underneath your armpits. This will help your lats to engage. You will also want to tighten your core, almost as if you are preparing yourself for taking a punch.

2. Core weakness: Put simply, it is imperative for you to build a stronger core. Try using our innovative 27 Best Core Exercises for Athletes to help strengthen your core.

3. Minimal back strength: Your back muscles and your lats have to be up to the task. These need to be strong in order to support all of the heavy liftings during deadlifts. A couple of the best strengthening exercises for these particular muscles are to strengthen for doing deadlifts are Barbell Rows, Dumbbell Rows, Snatch-Grip Deadlifts, Good Mornings and Pull-ups.

4. Lifting too much weight: If this is the case, it is important that you back the weight off a bit until you are confident in lifting with the perfect form.

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