The 10 Best Punching Bags of 2020 Reviewed

The RDX Punching Bag Kit provides you with a heavy-duty RDX punching bag, a wall bracket, hand wraps, steel chain, jump rope, hand gripper, boxing gloves, punch bag strap and boxing glove keyring, making it the most complete kit we have come across.

The punching bag is filled with shredded textiles, which have been chosen due to their shock-absorbing capacity. However, you may find that, after years of use, the textile padding may tend to sink, leaving you with not enough padding at the top of the bag. However, there is a zip opening at the top of the bag which allows you to add more interior filling if you wish.

Regular use is going to build up your strength.

The exterior of this bag features twin coated Rex leather. This is synthetic leather which is very strong and durable. That means no tearing and assists in the bag’s shock-absorbing capability.

It is also waterproof but you wouldn’t want to leave this bag outside for extended periods of time.

There are four heavy-duty D rings at the top of the bag for you to attach the chain. These are both riveted and double stitched to the bag for extra strength.

This is a good choice for beginners, providing you with everything you need to get started in the world of boxing training.

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