The 10 Best Inversion Tables of 2020

If you’ve never used an inversion table, it’s easy to get confused by one. After all, how can you safely rotate upside down without hurting yourself or falling down? Trust us, it’s actually simple once you understand the basics!

The best part about inversion tables is that you can easily perform exercises and stretch out even more once your world is flipped, but before you attempt to do that, you must know how to actually strap yourself into the table and use some of the features all the best inversion tables have. First, you must adjust the table so it can match your height. Your head has to be placed comfortably on the table itself, it must not hang over the edge. Make sure to read the instructions you got with the table about adjusting it, chances are that these settings vary from table to table. Then you have to choose the angle at which you want to hang. If you never used an inverted table before, it’s best to begin at 90 degrees, so simply just lay on it. Then gradually adjust the level, and give yourself time until you are comfortable with being just slanted before you go upside down. You can choose this angle by using a strap on most tables, so let the strap guide you towards relief.

Now it’s time to climb on the table. Stand with your back resting on the table, and then strap your feet into the footrests. Make sure to follow the directions provided by your table manufacturer on how to do this properly – you don’t want to fall off when you can easily hurt yourself. Now slowly start pushing your back into the table, and grab hold of the handles if your table has them. Go as slow as you can so you have time to adjust to the different angles. When you’re ready to hang upside down, adjust yourself in this position. Once you’re there, it’s likely that you will feel uncomfortable if you never experienced something like that before. Breathe slowly and deeply – inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth as you slowly get adjusted to the new position. Consider staying at this inverted position for no longer than 2-3 minutes if you’re new to this. As your comfort gradually increases, you will be able to withstand much more on it, up to 10, or even 20 minutes. Once you’re comfy, try stretching out your back. Tighten your abs, and try to slide your shoulder blades towards your spine, downwards. Try to touch the floor above your head with your arms, so that you’re fully stretched.

Then hold this pose for as long as it is comfortable, although your best bet is 30 to 60 seconds. You can even try to do crunches while you’re upside down!

When you’re done using the table, slowly rotate yourself to the normal position in order to avoid feeling dizzy. If you feel woozy when you’re back to normal, you can wait until you feel like you can stand up safely. Once you’re feeling 100% again, you can then undo the foot holders and step out of the table. If you want some extra safety, make sure that you’re using the inversion table alone!

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